Wild Kingdom, Andorra Edition (Summer 1245)

OOC: The question remains as to who shall open Artur's Gift. Vibria's character sheet on this forum is 15 years out of date. I checked the wiki, and there she is only three seasons behind. Still, she is short 74xp in her Arts. Artur is not quite old enough yet though. Another two seasons until he turns seven. So she has some time to catch up. Start the kid off with some basic education first maybe?

No offense taken. She is accurate. My natural body style is that of a drake, four limbs and two wings, about the size of a large horse. There are many different kinds of dragons.

To be honest, I keep forgetting about the character sheet on the forums; I'm just used to doing everything on the wiki. I'll take a look and see how much I can get to 5 so I can open his arts myself. So, I'm currently short 74 xp, and two more seasons of study? That, I think, should get me close. My MetaCreator has her with four arts at 0 (Aquam, Auram, Herbam, and Imaginem), and three arts at either 3 (Vim) or 4 (Intellego and Terram). I'll work on those this weekend and update my Forum character sheet.

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Having heard the news, Fleur asks if she can make a nativity chart of Artur, of course he will be enrolled in classes at the covenant which Fleur has been setting up until Vibria, or whomever she wishes, can open his arts, though Fleur is sure to caution her against poaching. She also is interested in investigating one of the eggs to see what she can learn from it about reproduction amongst magical creatures.

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OOC: Off the top of my head...
Maternal lineage...
Mother: Vibria of Flambeau
Grandparents: names unknown, prolly on Vibria's char sheet.
Greatgrandparents: Sigmundo the Dragon and Valerie Valencia
Great-great grandfather: Sugaar, Basque dragon god

Paternal Llineage
Father: Jacsik Smokski
Grandfather: Smok Wawelski, aka the Wawel Dragon.

So, his father is half dragon, his mother is quarter dragon, which makes Artur 3/8ths dragon. He was both conceived and born here at Arans.

A side effect he inherited from his father is he is Judged Unfairly, because he comes off as devious and vicious. But he isn't. He is a normal litte boy (as normal as one can be with a covenant upbringing). It is easy to dismiss as the effects of the Gift, but Parma would block that. Jacsik has the same problem. He is actually the nicest sweetest guy, very gentle. But to those unfamiliar with him, he comes off like an abusive hard ass that is on the verge of exploding into violent action.
Such is the mark of the Dragon.
Just to add, his grandfather, Smok, is indeed a brutal monster. But he is less savage now than he was in his youth. At one point, he faked his death and adopted the identity of a cobbler named Skuba (after murdering said cobbler).

which is useful information, but I was thinking about an astrological nativity chart, to compare the influences of lineage and astrology... aka time and place of his birth.

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I dig. This is information I do not have. Maybe you and Peregrine can work it out together? There is no family information on the wiki that I can find. And Vibria's backstory leaves off at an incident we played out eight years ago (in real time, it has been eight years or more!).

I was thinking more that I would abstract the process via the rules from art and academe and then perhaps use it as a source of insight...
for one thing I doubt we even recorded as part of the game the day he was born never mind the hour and minute, or the position of mercury...
if possible she would want to get the natal chart and then the chart for when the Gift manifested...

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"But no drake would your power, nor your mind," Marcellus says, with a small shake of his head.

"I can understand your doubts about our commitment, Maurice. We humans lead such short lives, and face so many tasks, that it is easy to let some undone for lack of foresight or immediate reward. Only by our actions will we be able to prove ourselves."

Glad to hear you say that. Come with me to get those bones then.

"Sure. Want to do that now, or later? I thought you were to see Simon this morning?" Marcellus leans his head slightly to his right, and his feet move as if ready to go right away, regardless of whether the rest of his body is.

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Simon is coming up the back trail. I saw him as I flew in overhead. He grabbed a deer while hunting in his owlbear shape. I am guessing he is planning to pretend that he caught it as a human. Whatever.
In drake form, I am able to fly and can carry a few of you. Just magi. Leave your servants here.

The Woad will come along. Where is it we are retrieving the bones, and under which circumstances? The Woad would like to be prepared.

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I want you guys to come with me to visit my brother, Venkath the Firedrake. His cave is a few leagues northwest of here. You will be under my protection, so there is no need to fear. In this way, it will prove that we can trust each other. Further, with a few magi at my side, it will convince him that we are serious about this project.

OOC: The besiary entry for Simon is updated, but I have not yet done so for Maurice or Venkath. Neither is substantially different though. Simon had the most change as he learned to shapeshift and I wanted to make note of it for our records. Now that you have met Maurice, I will update him. Not much has changed, nothing you would notice. Venkath, I will hold off on posting updates until after you meet him.

"Let us go, then. The Woad and I are ready."

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Change, change, oh form of man...
Bonus point to whomever can finish the quote and tell me where it comes from :smiley: (in PM, because I am sure Peregrine knows and I don't want to spoil it)

Maurice first changes into a cat, walks out of his crumples clothing, then assumes his natural firedrake form. He expands his wings, spanning wider than his length. He is not as large as you may have imagined. Size +2, about the same as a warhorse or a bear.
The taloned hands on his forlegs are quite nimble. He folds his clothing up and places his outfit in a satchel he then slings over his shoulder.
Saddel up! I can carry three, maybe four of you.
Edith comments I can float alongside. I still think this is a bad idea, but fortune favors the bold.

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Marcellus approaches almost as soon as Maurice tells them to, and climbs aboard. He tries to settle as comfortably as possible, between any large scales or spnines on Maurice's back. Though he has seldom have had a chance to ride, he is confident of his ability to hang on (Perfect Balance, Athletics 3, Dex +1).

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The Woad comes along without any doubts. He holds a firm grip on his spear though.

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OOC: Giving Jebrick (Ikelos) a chance to catch up. But I will proceed anyway tomorrow.

Ikelos loves a chance to see even more Dragons so he will climb aboard.

OOC: My work is requiring a lot of concentration at the moment. I will try to be better as a poster.

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