Wild Kingdom, Andorra Edition (Summer 1245)

It goes pretty smooth. Being ghostly is a bit disconcerting (which is why I reason he put forths the energy to be corporeal most of the time). But duty calls!
As Roger approaches the cabin, he sees something most unusual happen.
A small child materializes just before the front door. He is facing the door, not Roger, and seems unaware of the ghosts presence. In one hand the kid holds a scepter, and in the other hand a napsack. He knocks on the door with the scepter, and calls out...
Uncle Simon! I brought you a snack, and I grabbed some of the notes stored in the archives. I think Uncle Maurice's idea about the Mists will work. I wanna try it out
Roger's mind reels as he figures out what is going on. This kid, his name is Artur. Vibria's son and eldest child. The scepter he holds is the legendary Rod of Transportation.
The door opens, and Artur is greeted by a fat jolly looking fellow. A man in his mid 40's, appearance simillar to the local ethnicity. But when he speaks, Roger knows the voice very well. Simon has learned to take human shape.
Growf! Come in, come in! I didn't expect you back so soon. I..., um, I didn't finish the tablet.
You got to do the homework Unc! You can't learn gandpa's dragon magic books until you learn how to read. I am only six and a half. and I can read. You can do it too.

Simon lets Artur in and closes the door.

What do you do?

Roger will think for a moment. It could be advantageous to spy on them incorporeal, the more you know the better. On the other, it would be disastrous if caught.

Using some of his reserves materializes and stands there a moment more.

Lift yer daisy roots. He’s just an ‘ol man and a child, not some afeared monstrous creature dat will roast everyone alive. Yup, just an ‘old man and child.. He says to himself as he walks up to the door and knocks.

’ello?! Anyone ‘ome?

He takes off his hat(or helm?) and fidgets with it, while trying to hold a polite smile.

OOC: What could go wrong? My assumption here is that Roger is supposed to be asking to parley. So that if Simon reacts poorly the magi aren’t in harm’s way.

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"Unca Simon!" the boy says in his Outdoor Voice. "Someone's at the door! Want me to get it?"

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Um, I dunno. I have never had a visitor before. How to humans handle it? Do you think it is the guy who owns this house? Maybe he has come back and wants to kick me out!
Should I turn back to normal or keep up with the human shape?
How do I look? Maybe I should speak softer?

How's this? Does this sound more natural?

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"It sounds like most other people, I guess. And you look fine."

A few seconds later, the door swings open, and Artur stands there looking up at Roger, with his hand at his throat and taking a deep breath.

Artur is about 45 inches tall, and somewhat on the hefty side for a six-year old (57 pounds). He has brown eyes and brown curly hair that hangs down below his ears. His clothes appear to be both well-made and well-worn, and it looks like he spends more time outside than in.

"Oh. It's you. Hi." he says as his hand drops to his side.


Good day young sir. I was ‘oping to speak with your uncle for a moment..

Roger is noticeably relieved. This may turn out to be a more cordial visit than what he had imagined.

"Unca Simon!" Artur calls over his shoulder. "It's for you! It's Roger the Ghost!"

Artur then turns and heads into the cabin, leaving the door open for Roger to follow him to Simon.

Simon stands there, in the shape of a fat man, fidgeting nervously.
Um, yes. Hello. My name is Simon. I am a people. Just like you. And....
Wait, Roger the Ghost? I think I know you. Are you from Arans castle? The covenant?
Not that I would know anyone from there. I am a people. Not a dragon.

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Roger will step inside if invited.

Ya, ‘dat would be me. I ‘ope I haven’t intruded by comin’. I’m with magi from the covenant...

Roger will explain that he is ahead of an expedition to seek him out in order to discuss [the various things that I forget]

I’m not the one to be making decisions and such. That would be Marcellus. I come ahead to ask if yer willing to discuss things. If ya be willing to ‘ave guests, I shall fetch ‘em.

OOC: I forget exactly the details, but I’m sure Roger knows

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Simon looks to Artur with that "what should I do?" expression, then responds to Roger.
Um, okay I guess? Who is Marcellus?

Wonderful! That is good to hear.

Roger will physically describe those in the group.

They’re just back that way, about an hour or so. I shall fetch them and that will give you time to tidy up or what not. Since we’re unexpectedly showing up like this. Maybe we could share a meal to get familiar with each other?

Having overheard Simon, Roger is guessing Simon wants to be as human as possible, or at least learn how to be one. Roger wants to play into it and prompt Simon with suggestions on what is expected as far as hospitality is concerned.

OOC: Should I be making a Charm roll?

sure :slight_smile:

Charm roll for meeting Simon : 1D10 = [6] = 6

I would like to make the case for Presence for this particular meeting. Roger isn’t trying to manipulate or cajole Simon here. Instead he’s trying to communicate honest intentions. So imo it’s less about word play and more about charisma.

6(roll) + 4(charm[being nice]) + 0(pres) = 10

An 8 if using Com.

Presence works. I use 9+ as the average benchmark.
Um, yeah. Sure. Gimme an hour and I will prepare something.
After Roger heads out, Simon turns to Artur in panic.
What do humans eat? I mean, you guys like food that is cooked, right? Not raw or charcoaled? Do you know how to cook? There are no supplies for humans here. I can catch a ram or something really quick.
Wait! You broght that snack. Do humans eat vis? I don't mind sharing.

"They eat food. Most food is cooked, I guess. Meat and vegables and stew." Artur shrugs. "Most people don't like their food charcoaled.

"I don't know how to cook. Maria does most of our cooking for us. And humans don't eat vis. Well, unless it's in food, then I guess they might eat it by mistake. Or if they're really magic. But a lot of people like mutton. I know I do."

Mutton, yeah. That's a sheep, right? That works. I gave up eating things that eat meat.
I know there is a wild flock in the next valley. But I am not sure I can get there and back in time.

Simon changes back into his natural form. This house was designed to accomodate Featerbottom in heartbeast form, so the dimensions are right (and the back door is large enough).
I mean, I have to trudge on over there. Why do I even have these wings if I can't fly. Maurice can fly. He keeps telling me I am too fat to learn how to fly. Not fair...

Roger will make his way back to the expedition.

That was easier than expected., he mutters out loud.

Forgetting he is corporeal he walks right into a bramble patch, trips, and falls. After some thrashing and cursing he breaks free, twigs and broken vines still stuck to him.

-Expletive-. There’s always something..., he mumbles as he gets up. For a moment he considers shedding his physical form, then a shiver runs down his spine. The reminder he is in fact dead unnerves him.

He shakes off the thought, takes a deep breath, and shambles back to camp.

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When Roger get’s back to camp he will recount everything that happened to the magi. Minus the briar patch.

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"So, sodales," Marcellus says after Roger relates his encounter, "how do we want to approach this meeting? I do not think every one of us should go. There are just too many in our group." His hand gesture encompass the six fighting men and the four magi.

"I think three or four of us would be a maximum. The others could remain at a distance from the cabin and wait. It seems like more of a 'talk it out' than a 'fight it out' situation, so I suggest our fighting force stay behind."

"The other question is what we a trying to accomplish. Eradicate the owlbears? Relocate them, to make sure they do not endanger the locals? Capture and tame them? Or simply learn more of what Simon intends for them?" He turns to Edith, "You were the one directed to organize the expedition. What were your instruction?"

Edith makes an expression along the lines of "IDKWTF", but quickly regains her focus.
The instructions were to patrol and investigate. Between you and me, I think we are being tested.
Gather intelligence. Find out how many of these creatures are around. Figure out what Simon is doing. And that kid, the six year old. Vibria's son. What the heck is his involvement? Maybe he is behind this mischief? Simon seem doesn't clever enough to be acting on his own.