Wild Vis

Which gets me thinking of Wild Vis, as per ArM4 Hedge Magic. Nice idea I felt, that there is some essence of Vis in otherwise mundane subjects (although personally I didn't like the fact that it was entirely undetectable and entirely unusable by non-hedge magi).

Does anyone use a wild vis-type concept for ArM5. I'd like to use it, and I'm thinking that it should have the following features:

  1. can be detected by InVi, but requires a high-degree of sensitivity to distinguish between the small amounts of vis in wild vis, and the tiny but universal amounts of vis in everything (Finesse, presumably)

  2. Cannot be used to boost Formulaic or Spontaneous spells.

  3. Can be used to boost ceremonial casting, but with the use of an appropriate supernatural hedge-magic type virtue.

  4. Can be used to fulfil ritual requirements, but such rituals are perhaps harder and/or require more wild Vis than their purer equivalents.

  5. Provides a bonus to CrVi lab attempts

Or am I thinking too hard, and I should just wait until I've bought The Mysteries? :smiley:

Ooh, ooh, ooh! Just had another thought? How about a hermetic breakthrough which leads to the discovery of combined-Vis? The scales of a magical chameleon are manipulated in the lab to create MuAn vis, a single pawn of which adds 1 to either Mu or An effects, but +3 to MuAn effects. Now THAT would put a magi's name in lights!!

Right, better get back to work. I'm clearly having too many random thoughts.......

If you interested in getting a version of Wild Vis for 5th ed., you are advised to get HoH:MC. The nature path of the Merinita mysteries teach a Virtue that to a large extent replicates old 4th ed. wild vis (even if I seem to remember its uses are more limited). Serf's Parma, I cannot presently describe you the features of that Virtue in detail b/c it's been a while since I checked it.

Say by integrating grigorian magic?