will metacreator mysteries ever be released?

It may just be me because my old email is gone and i cant get a reply about updating the one I have on file with alter ego, but it seem like (after 4 months) our preorder for Mysteries and Mystery Cults has been forgotten.

Has anyone heard about this? If you look at the forum they have it, seems like all their time is being spent on a certain unmentionable d20 system.

Mo' money...

My mail is unchanged and functional. I have hear nothing.

I'll have to grumble a bit :imp: and try not to stoke my already aggrevated dislike of d20 too much...

My understanding is that Mysteries was such a big shift in rules and capabilities (God help us if we ever get to see Ancient Magic put through Metacreator) that it was a huge job.

I think they're working on it but they have to juggle that with making money.

That is my understanding as well. And I can see how that happened.

That is what makes it a business as opposed to a hobby-that-makes-money.

I know I don't have the time for it, but maybe some folks might be willing to help out a bit.


I've offered already but they're understandably reluctant to bring new developers on board. It isn't an open-source project. Having said that, if we ever get a supplement that just lists characters, new abilities, new virtues etc that don't introduce new "rules", the data sheets can be put together by the community. It's only where there are new rules options that things need new development.

I really hope so I forewarded money. :confused:

Me too :unamused:

It's coming. I'm getting questions from them about unclear points in the books. It's just a really big job, I think.

Excellent, David. Thank you.


They did say so on their mailing list the last time the question was asked.

MetaCreator Mysteries is moving into beta. Not much news, but at least things are moving forward.

I'm getting good news after good news this month. That cannot last. :open_mouth:

Fruny: Don't worry, it won't...someone will mess it up...(ducks) :wink:


Huh...So when is it going to be released...I thought that what I am running (MC) was a 'beta' too... :stuck_out_tongue:

The prelim beta comments appear to be minor points (IMO) so if that holds and the beta testers really are putting it through its paces then we should probably see this soon.


I'm looking at putting it through its paces this weekend so I'll feed any comments back to the beta site. But the very simple stuff I've done so far has gone perfectly.


I had sooo lost hope!!!

I hope it'll go out soon :smiley:

Please note that those who preordered should have received an email with instructions to download the beta. If you haven't (like I), that's because of spam filters -- check the Alter Ego Software FAQ.

One thing I do like so far is that you can define initiation scripts in external files. So, if you build a cult you can design the initiations and then distribute and re-use them as you need.

It would be nice to set up a repository of these somewhere...