wine glass?

Any magic items that you fine people created for the wine industry?

We had a saga set on a vineyard. I don't have the write ups handy but we had a few devices. One was a hopper that sorted grapes by quality so they had good, okay, and weak wines. (The weak went to the monastary for tithes, the good got sold at a higher price.)

We also had a staff that cast a preservation spell so that the covenant could store excess wine (since with the Bountiful Feast we made far more than we could safely sell). So the covenant accidentally discovered aged wine.

Magic wine glasses that affected the drinker's perceptions of the wine: either made it look, smell, and taste better (to encourage sales), or made the nuances of the wine more clearly discernible (to aid the wine taster).

You could also have magic barrels that aged wines more quickly.

or barrels that seperated the actural wine from the mash/skins & seeds!

How about goblets that sanctafied wine?(you know for the rabbis or priests.)