Winslow's Magus

I hope it's not overly intrusive to start my own thread. I am in the early stages of thinking about a magus for this setting an, like most, want to fulfill a unique role. I've had a good look over the three PC magi, who all look very interesting, by the way, and have a good sense of what they're about, but I was wondering about the NPCs ... have they manifested any particular aptitudes at this point? I just want to make sure I don't cover the same ground.

One concept I am considering is a Criamon following the Path of Seeming. This would likely lead him in an Intellego direction, with a likely focus on Imaginem and/or Mentem. I've never really had the hang of Imaginem, but this might be an interesting opportunity to explore it. I might also look into Aquam, which is an art that I haven't had much opportunity to explore, but given the proximity to water, might not be inappropriate. Water also has wonderful divinatory connotations that seem appropriate.

Oh, judging by the other characters, it seems as though a magus about 10 years post gauntlet would be appropriate? I may have missed particular rulings on how those years can be spent, access to books, etc. I'll comb around a bit more through the threads.

One way or another, this looks like a very interesting Saga.

Post gauntlet advancement is per RAW: 30 xp per year up to 10 years PG. Spells cost XP and are limited under Raw as during apprenticeship. Doing lab work removes 10 xp per season of labwork.

Apologies for the delay, I have been involved in a move.

Switching gears, I'm toying with a few Bjornear concepts and looking at the mystery of sensory magic. Now a wolf's howl can be heard over great distances ... this combined with a range of sound would seem to have some interesting, if possibly unbalancing possibilities ... any thoughts?

Also, how might we go about initiating mysteries during character creation. Would spending seasons initiating the mystery of the inner heartbeast be acceptable?

Peregrine is like a Bjornaer expert, so I'm not going to say anything about the House. :smiley:

On Voice Range, IMO, voice is voice is 50 paces max, when Loud, 15 at normal.

I'm away from my books for a couple more days, but I think there's a spell or a Wolf of Virtue effect that defines how far a wolf's howl travels.

As far as initiating inner Bjornaer mysteries, I think they all take at least one season, sometimes two, which would come off of your yearly advancement xp. So, basically, you could designate a year to do seasonal and have, say, one or two seasons working on the mystery, two seasons working on a magic item, and one on spell invention, for example.

Another quick question (I'm toying with a few concepts): Considering they all possess a minor magical focus in Certamen, could a Magus of House Tremere benefit from a different minor focus through the Mythic Blood major virtue?

The description for Minor Magical Focus says "A magus may only have one Magical Focus...regardless of the source of the Focus." So you can only have the focus you get for being Tremere. However, you could be a blood descendent of either Tremere or one of his filii, or some other early Tremere of great note (e.g. Cercistum). Possibly he (or she) comes from a long bloodline of Tremere magi.

What about the solution suggested in De Domo Tremeris and used by Arya in Albion?

Makes sense. And rereading the description of "Minor Magical Focus," I'm not sure that Certamen would qualify anyway, due to the no spells and no lab totals thingie.

Yeah, that's the rationale. Certamen as a magical focus defies the rules of what a focus does.Winslow, from a mechanically perspective the behavior of the Certamen Focus is the same. Change the name and it doesn't conflict with a Tremere having a Magical Focus.

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply. I'm toying with a few 'wolf' themed magi, focusing on rego, and Mythic Blood: Wolf of Virtue caught my eye. I presume a minor focus in Wolves would apply to binding a familiar? I am exploring a slightly feral Tremere with a White Wolf familiar.

A White Wolf Tremere? That has the potential to be either totally awesome or a total train wreck. (And, in case anyone's wondering, I hadn't planned on bringing in any vampires.)

What about the dawn of the Age of Reason?

Bad jokes aside, Winslow, are you familiar with 5th edition Tremere? They are a pretty tight-knit bunch. Everyone has their role to play, and everyone's a soldier. I liken them most closely to Heinlein's Mobile Infantry from Starship Troopers. Everyone fights, no one quits. Peregrine may have a different view of them. And I'm not sure how much De Domo Tremeris influenced him.... :smiley:

I actually haven't gotten around to reading DDT yet. And, as the consensus seemed to be to keep the saga ramifications local/tribunal-wide, I'll probably try to keep the Tremere fairly close to what's in the books. (I suck at summer reading lists :laughing: )

Well, to be honest, De Domo Tremeris is a reasonable and logical extension of HoH:TL turned up to 11.

I haven't read De Domo Tremeris myself, although it looks fascinating.

As to the Tremere I was considering, I was thinking of a relatively junior solitary scout and his familiar sent to the Stonehenge Tribunal to seek magical beasts and keep tabs on the Order of Odin. From what I can tell, most of House Tremere's concerns lie in other directions, and I suspect they would like to keep a relatively low profile in this area. I am, of course, open to commentary on this.