Winter 1221, Chapter 4b, Part Deux: A Nice MLT

On December 7th, Sarit seeks out Sophronia. "The flock was attacked last night. Two sheep were killed, and one of the dogs was injured."

She thinks, "it would seem I need to form a brute squad."

She seeks out Alpha and requests she and his team join her and Sarit at the kennels. Are their sheep remains, and is the dog severely injured, or will he/she recover given enough time?

Also, what is the current phase of the moon?

Alpha IS the brute squad.

The dog is severely injured. Sarit has bandaged his lacerations and insists he will be fine if left alone, but the dog looks on death's door to you. When the brute squad arrives at the dogs' den, the dogs go nuts and scatter. Sarit scowls. "I TOLD you they don't like them! Why would you bring them here?!" and she tries to calm the wounded dog, who whimpers and struggles.

Alpha's squad finds the remains of the missing sheep-- more bones and wool than carcasses.

To Sarit, she'll appear contrite "I wanted them to meet me here, so we could proceed and track down the beast. It appears my desire to handle this expiditiously led to me forgetting about that fact. For that, I do apologize." Com (3) + Guile 1 + Die roll of 6=10

To Alpha she'll ask the question she's really curious about, "Alpha, why don't the dogs like you individually, or your team collectively?"

She'll examine the bones to find teeth and/or claw marks.

Sarit accepts the apology and appears mollified, once the soldates leave and the injured corgi calms down.

"Pardon maga, I am Delta." As to her question, he merely shrugs.

As to your previous inquiry, the moon is full. That's when the date discrepancy falls into place-- you remember hearing that Jews observe a lunar calendar. (I figure that falls under Artes Liberales.) If the attacks always center around the 15th of the Jewish month, Sarit says it's currently "Kislev 15th," and the moon is now full... The attacks are always at night, during a full moon.

And teeth marks or claw marks on the bones?
Are the kennels inside or outside the Aegis? Does the aura extend past the Aegis to any degree?

I'm presuming that there are teeth and/or claw marks on the bones, if she is within the Aegis she will ask Alpha and his team to escort her outside the Aegis. She has a bag of sling stones with her as well, and casts Doublet of Impenetrable Silk once outside the Aegis CS is 10 + Die roll of 6=16.

Once outside the Aegis and nominally protected, she will play a hunch, "These attacks hinder our mission, and we must ensure that they cease. They destroy multiple valuable resources, the primary one is the morale of the covenfolk, followed closely by a food source for all who live here, and lastly a supply of parchment for the magi now in residence. All three play a roll in locating Justinius. I'm sure we all agree." She pauses to allow that to sink in before continuing, "There fore it is my intention to either discover the source of these attacks or put a stop to it. Will you assist me in stopping these attacks?" Note, it is clear that she said that she intends to put a stop to it, and it isn't contingent upon finding out the source of the attacks.

"If necessary the beast will need to be dispatched, or convinced to find a wider range, or perhaps its or their needs can be handled less conspicuously. What does everyone think?"
She'll watch them carefully for dissembling, if they don't agree to help her. Either overtly by hunting the creature, or agreeing to ensure that the creature won't be a bother anymore. Perception (2) + Intrigue (1) + Die roll of 9=12

If the hunch was misplaced, she'll work the magic to locate the beast, and indicate what she's doing.
I'm presuming that there should be some marks on the bones, and Sophronia will cast, a spontaneous version of Image of the Beast. Which is a 5th level InAn spell: In (17+3) +An (5) + Int (2) +Aura (5)=27/5=5.4, or 22/5=4.5. If it isn't successful she will fatigue herself, in which case it would be 27 or 22 + die roll of 7 for a total of 17 (27+7/2) or 14 (22+7/2, rounded down). Penetration is CT-Spell Lvl +Pen=17-5+1=13 or 14-5+1=10. I think I have a +2 multiplier for penetration with the bone, but I'm not sure and then that would make it only 14 or 11 (serf's parma, I'm away from books, well the MRB, don't have the PDF, yet, and don't have penetration in my mental rolodex, yet).

There are teeth and claw marks on the bones. Also the kidneys are left behind-- no one, not even beasts, likes the taste of kidney.

They don't look convinced of her reasoning, but they'll follow direct orders so long as they're not contrary to their orders from your grandparens.

One says, "Killing it seems best."

"More honest," says another.

"Relocating such a beast could bring down accusations of mundane interference," a third agrees.

I am unclear whether an Aegis would be subtracted before or after a spontaneous spell is cast. Either way, nothing happens.

((I believe that subtracted the Aegis penalty would happen after division, otherwise it isn't as big a penalty for spontaneous casting as it would be for formulaics, which is completely bass-ackwards.))

Sophronia didn't get any indication from the group that they were covering for themselves or one amongst their group?
Is the area of the attack within the Aegis, or outside it??

((I would think so too, but Aura bonuses/penalties are added before division.))

No indication. The only thing weird about them is that you really can't tell which one is which. They really do function as a cohesive unit, so much so that they're indistinguishable from each other.

The grazing lands are outside the Aegis, as is the dogs' den (a small cave).

"So, have any of you heard of these recurring attacks before, and are you familiar with Lycanthropes? I believe that is what we are dealing with as these attacks coincide with the full moon. How are your tracking skills, because my ability to divine the maker of the marks on this bone hasn't been successful. I'll try one more thing in a few minutes, given that it may be a lycan, earlier I was just searching for an animal, not a person. You indicated you hunt, so your tracking skills should be useful in tracking this creature or person."

After resting to recover fatigue, Sophronia will try a spontaneous version of Image of the Beast but this time with a Corpus requisite, it was 5th level before, adding the requisite will make it 10th level, requiring fatiguing herself In (17+3) +An (5) + Int (2) +Aura (5)=27 or 22, without the Aura. Die roll of 2 Yields a CT of 29/2 or 24/2, 14.5 or 12.

If that doesn't work, she'll ask to be guarded at sunset, and before raising her Parma, she will work the spontaneous spell again.
Die roll of 0, but no botch yields a CT of 27/2 or 22/2, 13.5 or 11.
She'll then raise her parma.

20+5+2+5=32, not 27. And yes you're still within the aura. 32+2=34, halved is 17. You have an arcane connection that lasts hours, so that lets you double your penetration of 1; so your penetration is 17-5+2=14.

Sophronia has received a casting token at this point (as this is a few days after she's arrived, so she's assuredly run into Attravere or Aequi at this point), so the Aegis does not block her casting.

The target's Parma is 2 and her Mentem is 3 for an MR of 13, so Sophia's penetration of 14 just barely makes it through :slight_smile: She gets a brief image of a huge, hulking figure, with flaming red hair.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, Sinmore inexplicably gets the taste of marsh mallows in her mouth.

So, a huge hulking figure with flaming hair could be the previously described ruddy giant. Can we tell if we penetrate might based resistance and parma based resistance?

To Alpha and his team, "Ahhh....there you are. I've found the maker of these wounds. I am sure that the individual is a Lycanthrope, or at least a human shapeshifter. Just so I can be sure, so are any of you werewolves or shapeshifters? The dogs reaction to you is odd, and I'd like an answer. If I have to answer to anyone about you, I need to be able to affirm that I know, or know so I can dissemble convincingly and evade the question.

Once that's done, she'll return to the covenant proper and ask Joseph about the ruddy giant that was described to her by the covenfolk at dinner the other night.

((OOC: I had thought that this story was contemporaneous to The Search for Maribus, so I didn't think she'd run into any magi.))

Nope. I'm not even convinced a magus can tell if a spell fails because it was resisted or if it was because of some other factor (will take suggestions on that to clarify in the House Rules thread, though-- better to define things before they come up, IMO).

Her line of questioning is met with a sea of cold glares.

Finally, one of them responds, "We are neither lycanthropes nor human shapeshifters. We are soldiers in service to Domus Tremeris, as you are well aware. These foolish pups also misliked the magus Justinius, and his Gift was gentle, as yours is."

((They returned from their expedition just after you arrived. A certain magical cat noticed Sophia was there, which means that Micah knows she's there, which means that Danyael knows she's there, which means that the Redcaps know she's there, which means that Attravere was notified of Sophia's arrival within an hour of having walked in the door and taken off his boots. :stuck_out_tongue:))

Josef: "Oh, you must mean Maga Sinmore. She has had a rough time of things since she arrived-- she is reckless and lacks caution."

"That's a shame. Perhaps I can endeavor to assist her in matters requiring caution. What can you tell me of her, and her actions since coming to Galus Florensis? Has she given you orders, asked for an special items brought to her? I would look to bring her a gift of some sort and could use your advice. Of course, you mustn't break any confidences.". Intrigue (covers gossip of 1) +Com 3 + die roll of 0, but no botch. Yeah, he's going to know I'm pumping him for information.

"I don't know much of her personally, only that she is a provisional member and that her short temper has upset some folk. I know she likes to duel in the training yard. Perhaps a sword or some armour?"

"Does she ever take her meals in the dining hall? I don't recall seeing her the other night. Also, I need a refresher on the rules for signing the charter. I've renounced membership in Libellus, contingent upon signing the charter of Gallus Florensis. Do I need to sign it in a full council session, or is it sufficient to sign it in the presence of a full member?"

"She takes some meals there, but not all. To join the covenant, there must be a council session of all full members, and given a unanimous vote you may sign the charter."

"And pray tell, who are the current full members of record?"

If the hour is not too late, she'lll seek out Sinmore, otherwise she'll wait until midmorning the next day and seek her out then. If it is late, she'll seek out the sheperdess and ask if the attacks just happen on one night, or multiple nights?

"Hmm. That'd be Lamentus, Liliana, Maribus' filius Attravere, and Lamentus' filius Aequi."

It's only midafternoon, so Sophronia will have an easy enough time tracking down Sinmore, who is currently suffering from a spot of indigestion. But at least she's finally gotten that foul taste out of her mouth (must have drank too much the night before, because she doesn't remember even making it to the dining hall).