Winter 1221, Chapter 4b: The Tremere March

Shlomo seems horrified at this comment, and picks up his bowl to go sit somewhere else.

Sophronia notices all the Jewish folk within earshot all avert their eyes. After a moment of awkward silence, a young woman moves over and whispers, "It is sin to waste food. It is different among Gentiles, I know, but among the Lord's people, shochet is a position of great learning and faith. You have suggested to him that he is not only a negligent shochet, but...." she trails off with a wide gesture of her hands.

It dawns on Sophia that Shlomo's beef is with Gentiles being disrespectful of his faith and culture-- not his inability to meet the demand for pork.

(Derp-- I treated it as a spell cast from outside the aegis. And now that I think on it, without my book with me, I'm pretty sure that's different in 5th than it was in 4th. Sorry, it was late, and I drank way too much last weekend.

Proper casting total-- I forget what I rolled for you last night so we will keep your invis castle roll. 36-20=16, so it works, without fatigue.

The only conflict in the boy's mind right now is hunger against craving-- he's still hungry and wants seconds, but he doesn't want to be full later when the honeycakes are out of the oven.

Aegises don't knock down Parma in this saga. Parma is a ritual, not a spell or spell-like ability. Also, since Aegises don't need to penetrate in this saga, it wouldn't make sense for an Aegis to dispel Parmae unilaterally.

He seems surprised that anyone's speaking to him, though, and smiles shyly.

"Oh! Justinius' pack? I don't know anything about who they are or what they do-- just that the dogs don't like them at all. They were afraid of the magus, too."

Sophronia will deal with Shlomo later.
She'll also send word to Liliana that she's arrived, and wishes to see her, whenever it is convenient. ((OOC: if I'd read properly, I would've sent a letter to Liliana that I wished to become a member of Gallus Florensis in my pater's place, pending his return, if we can retcon that, and also the letter to Josef, I'd like to go that route. I acn write a letter to Liliana and/or adjust the letter to Josef, if that is agreeable.))

((Let's say she wrote a letter to Liliana but received no reply, so she wrote to Josef afterwards.))

No one has seen Lily since some time in autumn.

By the way, Sophronia would ensure that the silver and other items had been secured, either kept with Josef for safekeeping, just asking for a receipt of items put into his care (to be shown to the council whenever she meets with them).
She has brought 75 pawns of vis, as well. 15 pawns of Creo, 15 pawns of Intellego, 15 pawns of Rego and 30 pawns of Vim. Since she hasn't yet signed the charter and taken a sanctum something of this sort should be possible. If not, then she'd take the items to the Mercere House and establish an account and receive a statement of account from them.

Josef is a bit uncomfortable at the sight of so much wealth, and politely suggests taking it to the Mercere House. Parsifal would be happy to open an account for you, and will only charge you one pawn of Vim and three pounds of silver to safekeep your vis and mundane wealth, fully insured against any calamity or theft, for up to one year.

"How about one pound of silver and 1 pawn of Vim?" Probably outclassed here but worth a shot, Bargain (3) + Com (3) + Die roll of 8=14.

In the middle of your haggling, a Redcap you've never seen before takes notice, and "saunters" over to you, "casually." He runs his fingers through his dark brown curls, and they fall across his sparkling green eyes rakishly. "My eyes were parched for want of beauty, and the sighting of your bright radiance has quenched their thirsty desire. I'm Edgar." He's obscenely attractive, but if the idiocy that just came out of his mouth wasn't enough, he is obviously undressing you with his eyes. ((+4 Presence... -4 Communication.))

The Williams are seated on the other side of the common room, drinking ale together and playing cards. Sophronia notices that the Williams are both trying hard to conceal their amusement, as they know you're a maga... but Edgar clearly doesn't. Parsifal, meanwhile, gives away nothing.

To Parsifal, "Do you give such terms to Gallus Florensis? As most of this is for their use, I just don't feel comfortable giving them to the covenant before I've signed the charter, etcetera, etcetera."

Does Edgar have a mug, a mostly full mug in his hand, by any chance?

Parsifal makes a tsk noise. "I would think you would know not to ask me to breach contract by divulging priveleged information protected under our confidentiality agreements. I have already assigned you far less than standard rates-- 2% which I all but waived for the silver, and which I opted, against protocol, to round down in the case of your more valuable assets." Sophronia realizes that, despite his perfect poker face, Parsifal is choosing his words very carefully in order not to clue Edgar in that you are a maga. :slight_smile:

Edgar is holding two glasses of wine, one of which he is extending out to you, the other ostensibly for himself. He leans over to Parsifal and says, "Look, just give the lady a break and hold her jewelry for her. She's just a woman, it's unchivallous-- non-chivalry to take advantage of her natural weakness."

Great William snorts loudly, then tries to cover it up with coughing. Both of the Williams have turned bright red in the face from the effort of withholding their laughter.

To Parsifal, and perpetuating the facade, "A girl's gotta try!"

While Edgar is otherwise distracted, she'll grab the glass, and dip her finger into it swirling it around and pretending to be interested in him, smiling at him and enjoying his exceedingly pleasant looks isn't hard to do, after all. "Why, I am just a lady, I so appreciate you coming to my rescue. So, pray tell, just what are my natural weaknesses?" We can do competing com rolls to see if he gets the sarcasm intended here.

Next, she'll bait the trap a bit. She won't drink from her glass, but will raise it and clink his and then bring it to her lips and pretend to drink. Smiling at prettily at him, "Let's drink to happy random encounters." ((Guile: 1 + Com 3 +Die roll of 3=7)) When he tips his glass, she'll do a ReAq to spill the entire glass out onto his face. I think that would qualify as control water in an extremely gentle way, just giving it a push to keep on spilling out. Base 1, R: Voice +2, D:Mom, T:Ind for a total of 3. Her ReAq within the aura is 20, so she won't fatigue herself. ((Finesse roll, if necessary, Finesse 2 +Grace Specialty 1 +Int 2 + die roll of 6=11, she wants to make sure she enjoys all his wine [spilling]...))

She'll then put her glass down, and walk out, "Pardon me, I have some other matters to attend to. By the way, I'm Sophronia. Sophronia Tremeris, it was a pleasure viewing you." He shouldn't have any doubt that she's a maga now.

He does not pick up on the sarcasm. "Well, aside from your obvious physical weakness, a lady such as yourself, she is constrained to be bound by different standards of etiquettes. Parsifal here was a peddler before he became a banker; he could sell an indulgence to the Pope. Meanwhile a lady of your... ladyship is expected to spend her time embroidering. I bet your tapestries are lovely but Parsifal haggling with you would be like Bill running a footrace against a hunchback with one leg. A girl like you, even if you were a merchant yourself instead of a highborn lady, you wouldn't be ruthless and cutthroat like Pars would, because women are gentle where men are bold. You wouldn't tell Parsifal here to get stuffed because you are expected to be polite. An expectation which is not applyable to me. Parsifal, go get s--" He notices Parsifal's icy glare, and backpedals, "-Some of that wine you like so much. It's on me."

Edgar sinks down onto the floor, humiliated and with red wine dripping down his finely chiselled features, as the Williams explode in raucous laughter and Parsifal chuckles softly.

In an effort to not appear entirely sadistic, before she's out the door, as she's passing the Williams laughing raucously she admonishes them, "Shush, you were young once, too."

When she returns to her quarters, she drafts a quick note to Edgar.

"You need to develop a bit of subtlety when undressing a woman with your eyes. When mentally undressing a woman of distinction, whether Hermetic or noble, you need to develop extensive subtlety. The Art of seduction isn't in claiming the prize, it is in the pursuit. Women wish to be pursued, but don't wish to be reminded of that fact by the pursuer."

She will inquire discreetly at the next dinner with some of the women covenfolk as to Edgar's other qualities. If he's intelligent or has...stamina.

He hasn't had any success with the covenfolk. However, of the servants at the Mercer House relays that, by request, Edgar is the personal messenger to Primae Murion Bonisagi and Poena Tremeris for all messages originating in Stonehenge.

When he finally responds to your letter, it is a simple message on a wax tablet:

Perhaps women, or Tremere, play for the sake of the game. I play to win.

She'll seek him out when she receives his missive, try and discuss things with him, quietly and privately. "So, you play to win, do you. How's that working for you, so far?"

"You came to my quarters alone, so obviously I'm doing something right."

"Hey, eyes up here, buddy." She issues a pre-emptive rebuke when his gaze begins to wander...

"I'll be honest. I regret spilling your wine on you publicly. Can you guess why that is, and don't think for a minute that the answer is between my legs, or yours."

"Because you're feeling the weight of years and realize I was your last, best chance?"

((And you claim you can't play a guy...))

"I don't have a strong desire for children, are you trying to give me one?" She looks at him as if she is interested, and she is, he is pretty, after all. "No, I want to make amends, because I shouldn't have humiliated you like that. I'll give you some bragging rights, and she'll eye his bed." What does the bed and room look like? Does he have neighbors living next door (in the next room)?

His room is fairly spartan. The bed is small and has a hard straw mattress, and only a single chest of drawers, a footlocker, and a desk are the only furnishings. An elaborate chess set with an incomplete set of exquisitely carved pieces in alabaster and onyx sits atop the footlocker, and an array of red hats hangs from a rack over the chest of drawers.

He doesn't reply, but takes off his shirt to display washboard abs and perfectly chiselled pecs. He walks over to the footlocker and opens it, displaying some manacles, rope, whips, and many other implements that your storyguide lacks the imagination to list. He turns and looks at Sophronia expectantly.

((I DID warn you that he was personally requested by Murion and Poena both, right? :laughing: ))