Winter 1221, Chp 4: The Search for Maribus / Wrath of Sanno

Sinmore looks at the doors one more time and decides against it. She'll go to Aequi if he announces the finding of the Regio.

"Oh, hey! There's another layer to this parfait - thataway!" he rhymes, pointing. When the party gets closer to the point he'll say what he sees about getting through it - if possible, he'd also like to try to judge how long they've spent in the regio and make sure they have enough time to get back out before his spell fades.

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It was early morning outside the regio; within, when you first entered, it was late morning/early afternoon. It got later when you were in the first level of the regio, but here, it's early morning again.

No telling when your spell will expire.

The next level of the regio looks much like the previous one-- you cross this boundary exactly the way you did the last one, by kneeling and saying, "God save the King."

...Oh, and expect to get wet.

Attravere will look toward the double doors, but then respectfully at Llanre. "Thank you for hosting us. Will you be continuing with us or do you wish to remain here?" Attravere glances -very- quickly toward her shoes after.

She shrugs, walks back to the library, gives two more chewed up books to Attravere, and makes for the front door.

"Er, thank you once again, Llanre!" Attravere will say as she departs, before looking at the texts she'd 'handed' him and hurrying after the others.

To clarify, Aequi spotted the next regio level outside a window. It is not inside the building. Llanre is preparing herself to go with you.

Aequi leads everyone to a spot outside the manor house, on the shore. "Kneel in the water here, just like this, and say "God save the King!" He promptly vanishes in the middle of demonstrating :stuck_out_tongue:

"Never been this far into a regio...just hope we can make it back." Sinmore mumbles before kneeling. "God save the King."

(I will assume everyone follows. We can retcon if anyone changes their minds.)

To all appearances, it seems that you are back on the first level of the regio again: The lake, a ruined tower, and no inhabitable structures anywhere.

Aequi muses something appropriately garbled yet understandable (I am not going to try to be IC for him, because chico has too distinguishable a voice!), which essentially muses that this is such a strange regio, because it seems to be one-way; every time you pass through a regio boundary, he can't see the way back through to the previous level.

That's when it occurs to Sinmore-- no, that ain't how it works. Boundaries are where they are and there are ways of passing through from one to the next, some discernable by InVi and some not, but, they are NOT one-way. It's possible to cross a boundary in a certain way and then not be able to pass back to the previous level, but the boundary is still in the same place.

Rhodri follows Aequi's lead. Hmmm... That's strange. "Let's see if the same entry to the next level exists here. That will help answer some questions."

I will be closing this thread down Saturday, whether or not the regio is fully explored, so that the saga can move forward.

Aequi combs over the whole area for about two hours. He comes back and tells the others he's found three boundaries: one leading back out to the real world, and two others leading into two different levels. The entrance leading to an area you haven't seen before has moved, but after a little searching he finds it. He says this level is strange-- one can only cross it if they seek something dearer to them than their own life, and meditate upon that near the boundary.

He shows everyone else where the boundary is, kneels there, and says, "So from here, all you have to do is think about the thing you seek that you love more than yourself. So if I were to think about--" a smile creeps into his expression and he vanishes.

((Anyone who chooses to follow Aequi, you can either post what your character meditates upon, or tell me via PM.))

Sinmore is somewhat proud that she managed to figure out some of the mystic ways of this strange land, but when presented with the method to get into the next level she frowns as she thinks on what it could possibly be. For long moments she contemplates on visions of a fiery being masked in darkness and shadow at the threshold of the world. Truly she longs for perhaps a greater communion and understanding of what this means...but not a love greater than her life. Perhaps that's the source of her discontment; that she can't love something so strongly. She heaves a sigh and wipes her eye before shaking out her crimson locks.

"I'll guard the entrance and wait for when we leave."

Attravere glances at the others and goes over to where Aequi sat, looks over at Sanno and takes a deep breath.

"See you on the other side."

He envisions one of the slopes of his native Italia covered in people dressed in dozens of shades of brown and red. Many wearing caps. Near the edge of the great multitude are several members of the family he knows. Smiles are on their faces as he recognizes them, even those he never got along with and they greet him with kisses on the cheek and hugs. Everyone is there - both the living and those who have passed.

Attravere is smiling, eyes closed with a little moisture gathering near the edges when he vanishes.

Iapetus, with all his bravado and drama, shall decline to pass deeper into the regio. Possibly because he cannot honestly think of something he loves greater than himself.

Aequi and Attravere find themselves dunked in a lake-- this time, however, the water is pleasantly warm. The sun is high in the sky, birds are singing, and the sky is clear and blue as you could possibly imagine. Sanno apparently did not make it through, but the two magi have no problem making it to shore, as the water is warm and the currents highly favourable.

The lake here is devoid of any signs of civilisation-- not even the tower is on this level; in its usual place is a shrine built above the water's surface, with a bridge leading from there to shore.

Leading into the woods from the shrine is a wide, well-travelled path. It is there that you find the body of Maribus. A longsword is embedded into a stone; around Maribus' ankle is a manacle attached to a wisp-thin cord, the other end of which is tied tightly around the blade. There are no markings on Maribus' body nor any other obvious indicators of a cause of death.

Nearby is an enormous pile of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, all fresh and whole. Maribus' staff is leaning against the rock, and his talisman is still on his finger.

What is there to love more than Rhodri? I don't think Rhodri can go any further right now. :slight_smile: