Winter 1228- the disappearing Mingus

It is December 22 1228, the invitees who could make it have gathered in the new covenant and participated in the casting of the aegis of the hearth, led and really cast by Mingus. The next morning he announces that he is returning to the alternate realm, that you appear to have things in hand here, and departs through the gate. The covenfolk seem uncertain what to do besides rely on their routine- do laundry, fix breakfast and so on.

Guida is at the covenant in between two deliveries so that she could participate in the annual ritual of the aegis of the hearth. Ever the busybody, she tries to interject the founder before he steps in the portal to find out when he is returning and how the covenant should contact him if in need of his wisdom.

Either he does not hear the question, or he ignores it.

She sets out to find out from the covenfolk whether his trips are usually long and whether anyone has heard of his intentions, or instructions he left behind.

On another subject - I remember reading the covenant keeps its location secret. Where is it located in the Tribunal, exactly? What are it's surroundings?

Kriegeist barks out a laugh as Mingus leaves through the portal. "Well, that was rather abrupt. I suppose we should just... carry on?" He looks around, and speaks in a louder voice, "Is someone here the Autocrat?"

Elia looks at Kriegeist and says "Does shouting it usually does any help? I find people are more amenable to speak when spoken softly to. Unless your intention is to terrify the poor fellow."

[[OOC: Did we get assigned labs and quarters?]]

You have been assign spaces which include labs. There is no autocrat, apparently Mingus felt the point to an autocrat was to ameliorate the effects of the Gift, which is not a concern given the effects of this aura.

Kriegeist shrugs. "I just wanted them to hear me. We... well, someone... needs to make sure the basic logistics are taken care of, before we all go off into our labs. Supplies, schedules, wages, and so on. Perhaps Mingus arranged someone to take care of such things, perhaps not, but we need to."

Elia nods at the older Magi "Yes, of course we need to make sure the covenant is run smoothly, but that is what our companions are here for. I am sure our esteemed sodale will be back soon enough from his exploration, and will give us more insight into the Magical Realm. I, for one, would love to explore some of the area, and get familiar enough not to get lost. But before I go, my name is Elia, from the Pharmacopoeian tradition of House Ex Miscellanea, and if anyone here is in need of healing, I would be happy to be of assistance."

"I'm Kriegeist of Tytalus. I agree that it's not worth my time to run the covenant, or yours, but we need to make sure it is being run by someone competent and loyal."

[@silveroak How long have we been here, and how much knowledge do we have of the current setup? I've been assuming we just arrived and know almost nothing, is that wrong? also, are companions/grogs we've built already here?]

Companions and grogs may have been here up to 5 years. Magi have just arrived within the last week, and know practically nothing.

I will send private messages according to which companions know what about the running of the covenant...

One of the covenfolk comes forward to address the magi. He is a dark-haired man, a bit shorter than average, but tough and wiry looking. He speaks in High German, saying, "Greetings, magi, I'm Jaeger. I'm not sure what you are saying but you look confused, I can tell you that Magus Mingus goes into that portal to find vis, and he usually returns in a few days."

Guida thanks the covenfolk for the information he volunteers, seemingly reassured by the statement, and leaves a note for Anastasia before heading out to the Mercere Inn for work to do.

At lunchtime, Anastasia sets out in search for her fellow magi, hoping perhaps to setup a meeting and get acquainted with her new sodales.

Elia asks her fellow Magi if anyone can translate the words. "Am afraid I have not spent time learning the local language just yet."

Guida would have happily provided the translation from High German to Latin for Elia since she was on scene.

(assuming nothing more is done immediately)
Days pass and Mingus does not return...
if nobody is going to take further action (try to organize the covenant, etc.) then we can go to seasonal activities and watch how things fall apart develop.

In terms of trying to organize the covenant, that's why Kriegeist was trying to find out who's in charge. If nobody is, he'll make Tobin do it.

Nobody is currently in charge.
So Tobin will have 1 season/yr training and 2 seasons running the covenant?

well, not forever. but for the next year probably, and it's a test to see if he's smart enough to find/train a grog to do it for him.