Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

Carmen strained her eyes in the flickering lamp light, reading her father's journal for any information that could help her with her overwhelming newfound responsability. Specifically, she was reading the eight chapter of the second volume, concerning Drake Hunting. The concern she had was that the treaty with the Dragon seemed to be a personal arrangment between Antonio and Sigmundo. Nothing indicated that it extended to the covenant, only that guests of the Archmagus could participate. She would have to convince the dragon that it did still apply, that the arrangment was beneficial to both parties. The magi would gain combat experience and some wis, and in doing so protect the local mundane population. This would head off any mundane incursions to the dragons area, and he would be able to weed out the weak and stupid drakes from his nest.
She continued reading...
Traditions, traditions...
"[color=red]In 1222 I had called a Drake Hunt in an effort to build teamwork skills and toughen these magi up. Mixed results. I had delivered the traditional gift to the Dragon Sigmundo a few nights earlier, an old tome and ten pieces of gold with the promise of a fee of an additional ten for each drake beyond the first. I didn't tell anyone, and acted as if my decision to call a hunt was spontaneous. The flamboyant image is carefully cultivated. Things started off poorly, with my daughter getting into a brawl with a guest maga named Kallista.
Carmen scowled at the memory...
Rrrr..., skip that part...
"[color=red]One team wound up engaging with a family of ogres and their hag mother, and deftly triumphed in glorious battle. I shall reccomend Valentino for advancment to Master. Another team managed to subdue the infamous Diablo Rojo, the most onrey beastial firedrake yet encountered. In human form, Sigmundo interceeded to spare the beast, appearing in human form and offering three favors for the three magi that agrees to his plea. The beast was thenceforth banished to Africa for seventy-seven years".

That's it! The old dragon still owes us one of those favors. If he denies the treaty, I can use that to convince him.
...but I'd rather hang on to the favor. What else can I bribe him with...?

Guillaume arrives early for the adventure, his wolf not beside him. He waits patiently to see who else arrives.

Just before noon, Carmen shows up in the yard wearing her traditional adventurer's outfit (looks like a medevial influenced heavy metal chick). The sun is bright, the cold air is crisp and clean, the start of a good day.
Allrighty then, who is up to go visit the dragon?

Vocis arrives promptly at noon, armored and packed for travel. Lovely day, if a bit brisk. He turns to Guillaume. I take it your companion is no more interested in spelunking than mine?

Esteban shows up, wearing his partial chain mail and sword (both of which are plain and well-used).

Vibria shows up, fully armed and armored and bundled to the point where she's barely recognizable.

:slight_smile: You men all armored up all fancy and handsome. It is a good idea. This will not be the actual hunt, that will be in a few days. We are going to visit the dragon and bestow him a traditional gift and open hunting season.
But it is dangerous territorry. Monsters up in them hills. Wyverns and ogers and owlbears. Oh my!
She smiles, looks at the men approvingly, then frowns.
I neglected to think of the logistics of travel.Who can fly? Who can teleport? Who can ride a horse?
We need a new flying carpet...

Are you cold?

[color=red]"Not now," Vibria says with a smile. [color=red]"Nor do I plan to be. This is not my favorite season."

She's cast her Robes Proof Against the Cold on her furs, so that any around her feel like they're standing next to a furnace, and there may be heat shimmers coming off of her.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can teleport.

((How significant a MuVi change is it to change ReCo base 15 instantaneous movement to ReCo base 15 physical movement? Guillaume may try flying.))

Vulcanus comes to the gates to see off his sodales, nude from the waist up and glistening with sweat from the morning's work, despite the chill of winter. He looks at Esteban's chainmail and frowns. He then looks at the leathers Vibria wears, and frowns even more. "The two of you require ordnance of passable quality. See Bernhard when you return, for fitting, and when the forge is completed we will outfit the two of you properly."

He then looks to Carmen and smiles. "I have no skill for parlance, but if you expect trouble, I will lend the strength of my arms in your service." He flexes his enormous biceps as though to punctuate.

This is just parlance today, but I will keep you in mind :wink:

Guillaume replies, "Astrid is actually far more athletic than I am. If she wants to join us, she will do so when she wants."

Guillaume is wearing a breastplate. Vulcanus would notice it is of excellent quality and has Verditius runes upon it.

...and Vocis is wearing ordinary chainmail, so I'm not sure why he wasn't included in the criticism. :slight_smile:

FYI for Marko - Vocis cast Gift of the Bear's Fortitude this morning.

Yeah, Guillaume's armor passed muster :slight_smile: Obviously not as good as Valdarian work but entirely passable!

Mm. Vocis definitely received a "tsk-tsk" as well. Please consider that retconned :slight_smile:

This is why Carmen doesn't wear armor...

Vibria regards Vulcanus with an approving nod and a "Not bad" look on her face.

[color=red]"I'm looking forward to it."