Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

Esteban casts the spell on Tiana. He's trying to do it in a moment where this won't be a stress roll, in which case it can't fail.

I will presume Tiana says this (or repeats this) after Estaban casts his spell upon her. Simon smells magic, Venkath suspects something funny is up, and Maurice knows enough magic lore and is intelligent enough to understand there is a spell being cast. But these wizards seem to be casting spells upon each other, so no need to worry.
And I think that since this spell targets Tiana and she is not trying to physically contact the drakes, the effect is not subject to their magic resistance.
But can this be said to truly be a non-stress situation? There are three fire breathing dragons before you.
And I rolled a check just for the hell of it,and it came up 9, so no botch.
Tiana's enobles presence plea rolls a 3. Plus her Presence of +4, her Charm (?) of 3, and the spell bonus of +3, equals 13.
Good teamwork, good results.
Simon: sniff yum-yums?
Venkath: glower snrrrrr...
Maurice: Indeed, I do believe he would be interested in speaking with you. We shall escort you through these dangerous trails and take you to meet with him.

Tiana thanks them graciously, showing equal deference to all three drakes, and waits for their lead.

Guillaume quietly asks Tiana to ask the drakes if they (the magi) could inspect the remains of the ogre corpse.

Through many twisted and foggy trails they take you, up and down hills untill you descend into a vale consisting of a sharp chasm with a craked pit at the bottom.
Sigmundo has constructed his lair within the caverns below. Never before have any player characters progressed further than this. But things are different now...
Maurice: He is busy in his Grand Library, or surly he would have come out to meet us. But I am sure he is awate of our presence. He can see the unseen, and his eyes extend throughout this mountain. Come with me, I will take you to his study.

Simon is cracking bones for marrow, and not a scrap of ogre fless is wasted.
growf nomnomnomnom!!!!
So I think that is not feasible at the moment :slight_smile:

But say you were to inspect it, there is really nothing interesting about it. Typical ogre, killed by drakes. Check the Bestiary thread for stats of a typical ogre.

Vibria follows as part of the group, trying to remain inconspicuous so that the drakes won't be bothered by her Gift. Her ears perk up at the mention of a Grand Library. [color=red]What kind of marvelous books would a dragon Sigmundo's age have gathered over the years? And I wonder how I can get some? Even if it's just copies... She starts mentally salivating at the prospect of getting her hands on an elder dragon's library.

Vocis hangs back a bit and picks up a small rock from near the chasm. He shouldn't actually need an AC to escape (he already has one from the covenant), but he wants to test the dragon's 'eyes' and its knowledge of Hermetic magic. He also casts Eyes of the Cat on himself and mentally instructs Celeste to keep an eye on the area around the chasm after the magi enter.

Actually, I should not cut you off like that. Bad SGing.
What is it that you hope to learn from investigation?

Logged and noted :wink:

Down into the cave you descend, following a path that twists and turns deep into the mountain. You hear roaring falls off in the distance, at times vision is obscured by smoke or steam, the air is warm and humid and smells of iron. Stalagites scinilate overhead in strange hues. Magic feels strong here.
You enter a huhe oppulent chamber, a massive chandilere suddenly flares with light and scores of huge red bats go fluttering overhead and out an adjacent tunnel. The room is filled with fine furniature, decorations, trophies, jewels, artifacts, amd many miscellaneous treasures. No rhyme or reason about the way it is scattered. One curious detail: no coins. Loose gems and gold chains and etceteras. No coins of any sort though. And no books.
Maurice is the one unbothered by the Gift (I mistakenly said it was Simon). To keep them sorted, Simon is the fat stupid one, Venkath is the gruff unruly one, and Maurice is the smart one who does most of the talking.
You are lead through the chamber (no stopping allowed and gawking is discouraged) into an adjacent one.
The Grand Library of Sigmundo.
Shelves and stacks and chests of books, various types and condition. It appears to start out with the crappier less well cared for stuff, and as you progress the tomes seem nicer and better preserved.
And there are what appears to be a bunch of little goblin like creatures, some hurring too and fro with papers or books or supplies, and a few working at dests coping some tome or scroll.
Then you are approached by an old crone, a large mishappen woman wearing an apron and holding a pen of a huge quill feather.
Well, well, well, what do these wandered be seeking? Speak up! Identify yourselves. I know the wind-wizard's daughter, but the resy o' ye are strangers to my eyes. What seems to be your interest and intent? If I approve, I may consider passing the word on.

(my spelling sucks and I am prone to horrible typos, please forgive :mrgreen: )

Actually, Guillaume wanted to give Astrid a chance to pick up ogre scent. Things they touched recently (especially any remnants of clothing not soaked in blood and gore) would do as well as their bodies.

Very well then :slight_smile:

Guillaume quietly/silently opens an intangible tunnel (lvl 40) to her (32 + roll 4 + aura ? = 36+?). (Down 1 Fatigue.) He follows this with Leap of Homecoming on Astrid (20 + 2 loud/grandiose + roll 9 + aura ? = 31+?). (Concentration: Sta 1 + Con 4 + roll 0 = 5 - no botch (didn't know how many dice to use)). Guillaume looks again and the lack of remains and comments that it's probably not worth it; he doesn't want to hold everyone up.

(And now I realize just how hard Opening the Intangible Tunnel is to use. :frowning: Reminder to self: invent a high-level version of Maintaining the Demanding Spell.)

That reminds me - Vocis's lab text request for Opening the Intangible Tunnel is for a version with Diameter duration.

Esteban replies to the old crone, "I am Esteban de Barbastro, magus of the Order of Hermes, of the House of Jerbiton, filius of Theophilus and Master of the Covenant of Andorra. We come seeking audience with Sigmundo to offer a proposal for our mutual benefit."

"Theophilus of Jerbiton...
What book did he write? What works have you written?"

Esteban replies, "My pater wrote Meditations on the Lunar Sphere, Symbolism and the Law of Similarity, and Treatise on the Correlation of Alchemy with Astrology, and perhaps some others more recently -- it has been years since I have spoken with him. I myself am more inclined to write verse than weighty codexes: perhaps you have heard of my Maid of Alicante or Spring Breeze in Zaragosa"?

Crone: "Yes! Treatise on the Correlation of Alchemy with Astrology,excellent and entertaining. That is where I knew that name from. I am not familiar with your own poetry, but if you provide a copy I will be glad to read it. It is well that you have started upon the path to true immortaliuty. Unlike a certain wind witch who has been a maga half her life and has never managed a single tractatus" (glares at Carmen and smirks).
Carmen: "You are being quite transparent. They are not being fooled, you know."