Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

Venkath: hrumphf What are ya wizards up to this time?

Vibria regards all three firedrakes with keen interest, and looks over the area, (hopefully) discretely searching for anything of value.

Maurice notices your silent inspection, though he has no idea you are looking for gold :laughing:
He figures you are curious about the two dead ogres.
There are quite a few ogeres in the next mountain valley over, they have started foraging into our territorry. Unfortunate for them, quite advantageous for us. Our more bestial kin are ignorant of the easy prey and the value of ingesting vis.
Venkath scowls. Dis one is ours. Get yer own wees.
Simon chukles along eating his ogre happily. Meaty yum-yums! chomp-slorp

"We would not dream of interfering with someone else's meal," Tiana quickly apologizes with an easy smile. "We will be sure to eat well before visiting again, won't we, Maga Vibria?"

Vibria stands there with her head cocked as she tries to figure out how much Vis might have been in those ogres' bodies before the firedrakes ate them. ((Int 1 + Magic Lore 4 + (die roll of 0, but not a botch) = 5.))

[color=red]"Hmm? Yes," she says with a start as she realizes that Tiana was talking to her. [color=red]"I really should have had breakfast this morning. Sorry."

The typical Ogre has a might around 10 and averages size +2. Give or take. 2 pawns maybe?

Esteban replies to Venkath, "Getting our own vis is exactly what we intend."

Guillaume is remaining quiet, listening to the exchange. He smiles at several of the comments from both the drakes and the magi, but he tries to avoid betraying his lack of social grace.

Vocis is also staying quiet, under the assumption Carmen and our two socialites (Esteban and Tiana) are here to do the talking. He also has Celeste up keeping an eye on things.

Maurice and Venkath look at each other and nod. Simon just stares off into space, fascinated by a butterfly.
Maurice speaks. There is quite a lot of it to be had in the next valley over. Many-many ogres. Verilly, a threat to human population if left unchecked. Most are stupid, but there are a few that have some wisdom of maturity. Then there is the ogre-mage, and the hag. But what is most dangerous, even beyond our ability, is a horrible juggernaught ogre they call The Brute. Not quite a giant, but an ogre amongst ogres indeed.

What would you say to teaming up? Making a big score by working together :slight_smile:

Note: The Drakes are more likely to be cooperative with Estaban and the mundanes present. The Gift does affect them, and only simple Simon is innume to the Gift.
Carmen is most always the worst one to have do the talking because of her Blatant Gift.

Tiana smiles. "An interesting and generous proposition, though we would need to discuss our plans with the Grandfather first, of course. Would any of you be so kind as to ask him if he will treat with us?"

When an opportunity presents itself (not in the middle of conversation), Esteban says, "Tiana, if you wish, I would be happy to cast Aura of Ennobled Presence on you. Though you probably don't need it." Then he casts it on himself.

The redcap's face flushes until her complexion matches her scarlet bongrace. "I am not nearly so charming nor witty as you are, magus," she meekly replies in Catalan. "I would be grateful for whatever aid you think appropriate."

Esteban casts the spell on Tiana. He's trying to do it in a moment where this won't be a stress roll, in which case it can't fail.

I will presume Tiana says this (or repeats this) after Estaban casts his spell upon her. Simon smells magic, Venkath suspects something funny is up, and Maurice knows enough magic lore and is intelligent enough to understand there is a spell being cast. But these wizards seem to be casting spells upon each other, so no need to worry.
And I think that since this spell targets Tiana and she is not trying to physically contact the drakes, the effect is not subject to their magic resistance.
But can this be said to truly be a non-stress situation? There are three fire breathing dragons before you.
And I rolled a check just for the hell of it,and it came up 9, so no botch.
Tiana's enobles presence plea rolls a 3. Plus her Presence of +4, her Charm (?) of 3, and the spell bonus of +3, equals 13.
Good teamwork, good results.
Simon: sniff yum-yums?
Venkath: glower snrrrrr...
Maurice: Indeed, I do believe he would be interested in speaking with you. We shall escort you through these dangerous trails and take you to meet with him.

Tiana thanks them graciously, showing equal deference to all three drakes, and waits for their lead.

Guillaume quietly asks Tiana to ask the drakes if they (the magi) could inspect the remains of the ogre corpse.

Through many twisted and foggy trails they take you, up and down hills untill you descend into a vale consisting of a sharp chasm with a craked pit at the bottom.
Sigmundo has constructed his lair within the caverns below. Never before have any player characters progressed further than this. But things are different now...
Maurice: He is busy in his Grand Library, or surly he would have come out to meet us. But I am sure he is awate of our presence. He can see the unseen, and his eyes extend throughout this mountain. Come with me, I will take you to his study.

Simon is cracking bones for marrow, and not a scrap of ogre fless is wasted.
growf nomnomnomnom!!!!
So I think that is not feasible at the moment :slight_smile:

But say you were to inspect it, there is really nothing interesting about it. Typical ogre, killed by drakes. Check the Bestiary thread for stats of a typical ogre.

Vibria follows as part of the group, trying to remain inconspicuous so that the drakes won't be bothered by her Gift. Her ears perk up at the mention of a Grand Library. [color=red]What kind of marvelous books would a dragon Sigmundo's age have gathered over the years? And I wonder how I can get some? Even if it's just copies... She starts mentally salivating at the prospect of getting her hands on an elder dragon's library.