Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

The Ballad of Red Devil Smoker :wink:
Vibria knows some of the story, El Diablo Rojo Fumadoro was infamous and her lore roll was good. Carmen can fill in many details, she was there when the dragon was subdued. But Maurice will tell the whole tale...
Sigmundo himself is the scion of SuGar, otherwise known as the Great Serpent of the Pyrenees. SuGar is the consort and companion of Mari, the chthonic goddess of the Basques. But She was not his mother. In fact, that bit is a mystery. But anyway, Sigmundo was born well over a thousand years ago, and has sired many varied offspring. La Vibora Verde, who once terrorized Aragon, was the mother of Diablo Rojo. It is likely that it is from her that the sheer bestial agression was inherited.
Growing to maturity, and developing incredible physical power, Diablo Rojo eventually struck out on his own. After slaying his mother and siblings. Posessing an animal intelligence, he instinctively all of the gold and treasure with him and burried it in some secret location in these mountains. Then began his long reign of terror. His tally includes a score of villages, more than a dozen knights, and even a few magi. Nothing would satiate his appetite for destruction. Villiagers offered up their virgins and all their wealth to plead for mercy. But he was just a beast that could not be negotiated with. He took their offerings and devowered them all anyway. He even killed a bishop once and devoured him and his entire entourage.
Then came the day when the infamous Red Devil Smoker met his match. The magi of Andorra have long had a semi-regular tradition of hunting in the mountains for drakes and other monsters, making the region safe and habbitable by humanity. The treaty Antonio Perez of Flambeau had with the Dragon Sigmundo, it was formed around this very concept and negotiated to be of mutual benifit to them both. The area we call "The Lair" and the mountain around it, was to be considered a sanctuary for Sigmundo and his brood. Those who wandered outside of it were fair game. The weak, stupid, and intolorable were cast out. The rest had free will to wander as they wished.
I already mentioned my mother and how my brothers and I were brought aside by grandfather. He has a special destiny planned for us, though aside from educating us as best he could, I am not sure what that may be. But the fact is that, even Simon, as simple as he is, posesses rare sentient intelligence wheras most drakes are bestial and anamalistic. This is important to understand when considering Diablo Rojo. Fierce, savage, shrewd and cunning as he may be, he is but an animal. An untamed elemental force of fire and destruction. Of all of his seven sons, Sigmundo was the proudest of Red Devil, who was his fiercest and most powerful child. Yet, sadly, fate had it that none of Sigmundo's direct offspring posessed his gift of intelligence. And he could not be contained to sanctuary lands anyway, for so dominating and strong was his stubborn will. And he caused too much damage to be worthy of protection. Diablo had to go.

It was eight years ago when the magi of Andorra had last held a Drake Hunt. I am sure Diablo was on the list of preferred targets, for he had slain two of that covenant's magi and several soldiers in recent years. Antonio divided the magi into hunting teams, and he himself patrolled the skies looking for signs of destruction.
It was a team of three that encountered Red Devil; fair Carmen who sits with us now was one of them, another was Dimir Taar, and the third was the mighty Xalbador (as played by Falls).
And perhaps this is a lesson you may all learn, one about cooperative magic. Dimir Taar wanted to create the illusion of some fallen cattle, the sight and smell to attract beasts. Carmen tought how to improve on it, kill a few goats and Dimir Taar could use illusions to greatly amplify the scent. While busy chowing on live food, the magi could then attack from multiple directions.
The bait was somewhat too effective. The goal was to lure a drake, but they had to chase off a griffon and the bait was snatched by a wyvern. They reset their trap, and yet anothet griffon tried to grab the bait. But that griffon, in turn, was ambushed by the larges most monstrous firedrake they had ever seen. El Diablo Rojo Fumadoro.
Xalbador struck at the creature with ice, causing iut mild pain and enraging it. Dimir Taar swooped down upon it on metal wing under cover of invisibility, but the nickname Fumadoro was given for the beast could generate vast amounts of caustic blinding smoke to protect itself. Carmen summoned powerful winds to sweep the smoke away. Xalbador changed tactics, striking the beast with a chill from within that drained away much of it's physical energy and fatiguing it. The three magi press on their attack, and Inigo Xalbador strikes it with the chill once again, multicasting his spell and rendering the beast unconscious.
That is when Grandfather interceeded. He knew the magi were well within their rights to slay Diablo, and he would not stop them if they could not be assauged. But his favorite son had been so successful for so long and had grown so mighty, Sigmundo plead for his son's life and struck a bargain with the magi. Diablo Rojo was banished to Africa for seventy-seven years, and every seven years Grandfather visits him in an effort to train Diablo to become intelligent through Transformation. The three magi were each granted a Favor, given a gold coin to represent the favored owed to be returned when siad favor comes due. Two of these favors have been called thus far, by Dimir Taar and Inigo Xalbador, to transport the magi to the Arc of Fire to rescue Carmen, and to provide the assistance of his three favored grandchildren in the effort.
Diablo Rojo still resides in Africa, where he is revered as a god and demon by locals and nomads. The treasures he has instinctively burried in these mountains remain yet undiscovered, but the treasure he has ammased in his new layer nearly exceeds these. And a favor is yet owed to you magi by Grandfather; it is Carmen that holds the third and final coin.

And I secretlychecked awareness rolls, undisclosed results...

Vulcanus! Enrapturing as the tale is, you notice what seems to be a pair of beedy eyes in the brush. A slight red glow?, No. Wait! There are two sets of eyes, three! You are closest Vulcanus, grab one before they get away!!!

Actually, whoever next posts a response gets an opportunity. I just wanted to give Ryu first shot at it :slight_smile:

Guillaume will go with whichever group it seems he'll be able to help most readily.

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Vulcanus will do his best to spring on the intruder swiftly. Only a 6 though.

You are now a Father, a sacred and serious responsability. As the years go on, let nothing dissuade you from your duty or conviction. God has assigned you to be the symbol of authority and discipline for this new-formed human being, to protect and teach and guide and nurture. And it is a difficult task.

As you lunge forward, you notice that there are actually four sets of eyes, belonging to a band of hobgoblins hiding in the brush.
Their Initiative rolls are 1d10=8, 1d10=2, 1d10=10, 1d10=4
They each have a Quickness of +2, so the results are 10, 4, 12, 6.
But at 6, Vulcanus has his turn, and I will grant the tie in his favor so he may act before two of them get away. Two others do get away though, unless someone thinks of something quick and clever.

A note on mystical taxonomy...
Goblin and Kobold are both derived from the same root word, Cobalien, and are essentially the same creature. I shall use Kobold to refer to cave dwelling sprites and goblin for forest dwellers.
But Hobgoblin indicates something more sturdy and sinister than the average goblin. I shall use the term to refer to a goblin of thge Magic Realm. An Imp will be used to refer to Infernal goblins.
Be thankful, just now at this moment I was tempted to erase this whole post and make it a band of four smurfs. I like The Smurfs, I am strange that way.
Anyways, these are four Hobgoblins that seem to be spying on you guys. You can tell what they are because their skin is yellow and their eyes are red (goblins have green skin and yellow eyes).

Depending on when he can act and how far he can see in the direction they go, Guillaume will hope to head them off via Wizard's Leap. (OOC - I'll wait for you to say when the rest of us can go, but that will be his immediate reaction.)

I do believe you can Fast Cast that spell :wink:
Give us a roll ...

(( Baseline Int roll: Int +3. roll of 7.= 10 ))

Gardaitis blinks, and springs up from his seat. One look is enough to tell him that the hobgoblins are running away. Something spying on you and running away when discovered, in his experience, does not bode well. He darts to one of the trees he's marked, resting a hand on the bole -- draws a bead on the hobgoblins' line of retreat -- and at the very last second remembers he's not the only magus present! He's still ready to drop a tree on the hobs, but he's going to wait and see what the Andorra magi are going to do.

(( Very, very glad I made that roll. Dropping a tree on Guillaume would have been bad. Entertaining as hell, mind you, but bad. :slight_smile: ))

Init = Initiative, not Int as in Inteligence
And anyways, unless you fast cast, all actions take place after 6 (Vulcanus gets to act first, with the exception of a successful Fast Cast spell)

Yup, just didn't know when Guillaume would be able to act.
Fast-Cast: Qik 1 + Finesse 4 + roll 6 = 11
Wizard's Leap: 20 - Fast-Cast 10 + roll 5 = 15 -> success, no fatigue

Note: He'll lose sight of Astrid in the process and so his Parma Magica will only be protecting him.

I didn't roll Initiative. I rolled Intelligence to figure out that dropping the tree on the hobs was not a good idea. Since Gardaitis is holding his action, his Initiative doesn't really matter, neh?

Ah, you got me there :wink:
We are waiting on Ryu to go first then

Vulcanus doesn't have any indication that the creatures are hostile, so he's just trying to grab one to prevent it from getting away.

Brawl 3 (specialty fisticuffs applies, I think?) + 2 Dex + ....

Uhh, how many botch dice?

three, a fiat decision based upon a scramble of multiple critters scampering about

No botch. So 5 total attack.

it rolls a 2, pluck Quik +2 and Defense (Brawl 3) of 3, totals 7.
He gets away.
Unless you think of something quick and clever.

He'll mount up and follow. If they can outrun Egon they deserve to get away :slight_smile:

First I will let other players take a crack at it. Otherwise, if you can give me a good roll, you will manage to snatch one up.