Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)


Guillme can locate a single pawn of Corpus in the charred remains (a chunk of charred bone let us say).
The one Gardiatius knocked out cold with a sheild bash has a poorly crafted knife amongs his rags, naught more.
The one Vucanus his holding by the neck has nothing and pleads for his life.
Rope for binding is provided as requested. Two hogtied hobgoblins at your feet. One still out cold and the other squirming and offering to tell you where you can find a huge cache of gold if you set him free.

As the prisoners are being brought in, Vocis says Celeste is following the last of the four. I'm hoping he'll lead her to their lair. He pauses for a moment and adds Following it by mundane means will be...challenging.

(OOC - I'm assuming its escape takes a while. Vocis will provide updates during the interrogation if anyone seems interested.)

Escape from direct line of sight is almost instant. Retreat to it's cave takes about an hour. Celeste should make some sort of roll to keep track of him all the way there.

"Pot of gold? Now why would I want that?" Gardaitis plants the handle of his axe in the snow with a purposefully loud thump, right next to the hob's face, and goes down on one knee, using the axe as a crutch. (The axe makes a terrific prop, in more than one sense of the word.)
"Now a nice pot of stew, that would be another matter." He gives the trussed-up hob a distinctly thoughful, measuring look, and pokes at its legs and arms with a finger, for all the world like a housewife evaluating a trussed-up chicken at the market. "Yep. Some meat stew would go down right nice about now..."

He tests the edge of his axe with a thumb, frowns, and pulls a whetstone from his belt pouch, starting to sharpen the blade (which is right above the hob's head). "So," skrritch, "are you going to tell us", skrritch, "why you were spying on us", skrritch, "or do I tell Carlos", skrrritch, "to get the stew pot ready?"

Excellent ploy :slight_smile:
Give me a roll for intimidation, say Pre + Leadership, with a +3 bonus for good roleplaying.

(( Pre 0, Leadership 3, bonus +3, roll of 3 = 9. Meh. ))

Assuming it's an Awareness roll...

Per 3 + Awareness 6 + Keen Eyesight Essential Virtue 6 + roll 5 = 20

Subtract 1 for a Survival roll or 2 for a Hunt roll.

May I safely assume that Vibria is well out of ear-shot when he starts squealing about the huge cache of gold?

All depends on how you wanna play it :wink:

You decide

Excellent. You track him to his exact destination. Third cave on the right

Hell will tell you something, maybe not everything...

The Big Boss! He sent us to check what was going on. He heard that the corpse ogre, the Brute, had killed three of his kinsmen and that a band of explorers were investigating the site. He wants to know who you are and what you are up to. If Big Boss gets his hands on you, you're gonna be sorry you messed with me!

Gardaitis scoffs. "Really?" He stares down at the hob with a look of disbelief. "No, really? Is that the best you could come up with? That this 'big boss' -- if he even exists -- would so much as give a shrimp like you the time of day, much less use you as his eyes and ears?" He shakes his head, snickering at the hob's stupidity. "Big Boss my ruddy a*se. Hey Carlos! We got a big stew pot laying around?"

(( The idea is to make the hob puff up with self-importance and burst out babbling about how the Big Boss trusts him -- and in the process maybe give away more information. Gardaitis' Guile is nothing to write home about, so I'm going to throw in a Confidence Point.

Com 0 + Guile 2 + 3 for Confidence + roll of 1 then 8 = 21. Hah!

Stultus glares at Gardaitis and mutters something about the big lump of meat stealing his best tricks. :smiley: ))

Side note, at work I popularized the term "Payaso". The one dishwasher, a kid, just constantly giggles and laughs and is a general clown. And he just has a blank stare if you talk to him in English (he is Mexican). So I started calling him Payaso, and the term caught on. So much so that Manny, kitchen manager and Ecuadorian, started referring to the one promoter as "Payaso dos" (the second clown). The georgeous Val Velez, a.k.a. "The Pale Puero Rican", was amused and asked us to repeat the word and teach her what I meant. I laughed that I knew a Spanish word that she didn't. She smiled.
Guess you had to be there. But the girl is beautiful, and so any story that end with her smiling is worth telling :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, rpg in progress...
You do not have to spend confidence until after the roll, modifying the result. But 21 is a significang benchmark, so he will spill his guts and start crying. I will write that up later. Running late for work at the moment.

Glad to have been of service. If there are any further ways I may assist you in making a pretty girl smile, feel free to let me know. :smiley:

Random die says her rabbit-ears pick up on "gold," and she pauses mid-step, her head swiveling back to look at Gardaitis and the hobgoblin before she hot-foots it back to where they are.

[color=red]"What was that about a pot of gold?" she says, almost but (barely) not quite drooling.

Gardaitis glances up and switches to Latin. "Lies, almost certainly. You saw yourself how much they had on them. Ragged clothing, stone weapons... I'd be astonished if they had a pot to piss in, much less a pot of gold."
"Sorry to disappoint you, sodalis."

[color=red]"¡Maleïda!" Vibria exclaims almost under her breath. She then glares at the hobgoblin and blows some stray hair out of eyes with a puff of smoke (making sure the hobbie can see her). [color=red]"So you're saying he's basically useless, then?" she says as she plays with the hot coal.

I will catch up on this thread tomorrow. Right now, I just got home from work and gotta grab some sleep so I can go back to work tonight.
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day :slight_smile:

Happy St Patrick day too :smiley:
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