Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

(( Pere, what language did Vibria say that last line in, please? ))

((As near as I can tell, the only language Vibria and Gardaitis have in common is Latin, so that's what she would have to speak for him to understand. Don't know what language the Hobgoblin speaks, but Vibria is currently limited to Latin and Occitan/Catalan.))

The three brother firedrakes are just sorta sitting back and watching the humans with amusment.
Venkath: That was almost impressive, that fireblast.
Maurice: A tad bit of overkill perhaps. But those hobgoblins were foolish to try and sneak up upon wizards in the first place. But now it is the magi who are foolish, for the idiot they captured will tell whatever lies and half truths he needs to purchase his life.
Simon: He's telling the truth.
Maurice: growf?
Simon: The last three hobgoblins I ate tell the same story. They found a gold horde in the hills.
Venkath: It's true. Near certain death awaits any who try to steal it, for the Serpent of Las Salines has nested there. The ogre boss has made an arrangment with the hobgoblins, for they can sneak in and steal bits at a time whereas the giant-kin are bumbling fodder for the serpent. They pay him tribute for his protection, and he employs their services as scouts. The only ogre with half a brain, that one is.
Maurice: You are more knowledgable that you let on, brother. I was unaware of events in my own backyard. Well, then, this should make things interesting. The ogre chieftain will be forced to take action concerning the death of one of his agents and the captivity of two others. I would expect some activity before dawn.
Simon: Ogresteak for breakfast! :smiling_imp:

No! No! It's true!! Papa Norman struck a pact with BoB the ogre leader, because we can get to the gold and they can't! I no lie! I no lie! My cousin Harry, the one that got away he's gonna get Big Old Boss and his ogres are gonna come clobber you. Please don't kill me! I'll call them off and get a bag of gold for each of you!! Two bags!! Threee!!! want my mommy!
The hobgoblin cries, and even wets himself.

Vibria leans in close, making sure the hobgoblin can see the smoke curling from her lips. [color=red]"Three bags. And if I ever think you're lying to us, or if I see even a hint of betrayal, I will roast you where you stand."

Guillaume casually walks back to the group to arrive partway through the interrogation. He'll whisper in Latin to Vibria (since she seems to be the one interrogating him now), "Has he been questioned with Intellego magic?"

Vibria simply shakes her head "no" as she continues glaring a hole through the hobgoblin.

Yes! Yes! Three bags, three! I will take you to it!
The other one, who was clobbered and knocked out by Gardiatius, he begins to come too.

Gardaitis leaves Vibria to the negotiations, straightening up and motioning the other magi (and Carlos) closer. "Heads up," he says quietly in Latin. "They were apparently spying for the local ogre chieftain. Since one managed to get away, we might well have said chieftain and his retinue landing on our heads in fairly short order." He doesn't sound terribly concerned. Truth to tell, he isn't.

Ogres are big, strong, and very tough, and there might be a lot of them. They aren't an opponent to be taken lightly. They could probably infict quite a bit of damage. But for all of that, they'll be going up against seven Flambeau, at least three of whom are experienced, hardened, and battle-tested -- and the lone Tremere looks to be no slouch either. The final outcome isn't really in doubt.

could it be that easy?

could it be that easy?

could it be that easy?

Vibria will keep an eye on the one who's coming too, and prepares to shoot a gout of flame in his direction if he tries to get up or anything.

[color=red]"Stay here, don't move unless I tell you to do so, or I will let the drakes have what's left of you after I'm done."

She then gets up and joins the others, keeping a vigilant eye on the hobgoglins.

[color=red]"If any of you don't want their gold, I'd be willing to take it off your hands."

Guillaume is happy to step back and let Vibria handle things right now. Once they've killed or sent on their way the hobgoblins, he'll let the magi know of the pawn of vis.

So, how do you guys wish to proceed from here? Follow the hobgoblins to their lair? Wait until dawn and see what happens? Or what?
Carmen keeps quiet unless asked her opinion. She mainly wants to observe you guys and get you to learn how to work with each other.

((Am I correct in thinking that it's late evening or almost night-time?))

You are corrct. After sunset, round about midnight by now.

Esteban says to the prisoner, "How far away is this trove of gold?" He is not making an effort to appear menacing, because the other magi seem to have that covered.

My Map does not have a scale indicator (or I am blind and cannot see it). It is in Las Salines (the Salt Fields), up in the Valira del Ria Nord (north river valley), directly due north of Arans. I estimate it is maybe 10 miles as the crow flies? If even that far.

To the magi, in Latin, Esteban says, "My preference would be to seek the treasure sooner than later, to give this pipsqueak less time to dream up some trickery or find a chance to escape. But it is late, and I worry about tiring the almogavars needlessly. What do you say we make camp and head out at first light?"