Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

I am going with one. Started strong but as the mission kept meandering Vulc had less and less reason to be interested in what was going on.

Also voting Gard.

I hope I have tuned the focus to regain your interest. I tend to through lots of distractions and shiny things in the way and get confused by them myself.
Always feel free to pipe up OCC if you have criticisms or suggestions or anything. And I am hoping to draw this thing to a close and move on to your "mission improbable" story that you wanna run. I do look forward to it :smiley:

Um. Thanks, guys? :slight_smile:

So far that's three votes for Gardiatius, one for Vocis, and two votes yet to be cast


I'll take 1 for Guillaume - not as involved as in the previous thread, but still active in his places. Too much talking for him to mess up with his Blatant Gift.

I'll vote for Gardaitis.

I think that just leaves Vocis & Estaban (Fightmaster & Andrew).
But right now, I am counting 4 votes for Gardiatius and 1 for Vocis. The winner seems clear, but someone else could still take second place.

I'll give myself 1 and also vote for Gard.

The word from on high is thus...
Gardiatius recieves three additional Confidence points
Vocis recieves two
and everyone else gets one more point

...above and beyond what has been awarded already :slight_smile:

You are gonna need them.
Right now it is mid morning as you approach the villiage of Las Salines. Carmen suggests that the drakes remain outside of town (a no brainer), and she will remain behind with them (Blatant Gift).
I need you guys to go into town and inquire about the old dragon legends. Find out as much as you can. From what I remember of the old tales, it supposedly dwells in a deep cavern past the salt mines.

Gardaitis (who had fallen out of the sky as the group approached the village, and changed back to human form) nods to Carmen, and half-closes his eyes, concentrating. The bones in his face shift and rearrange themselves, skin and hair darkening slightly. The overall effect is subtle -- he's still recognizably himself, but now bears a marked resemblance to an 'average Andorran'. His facial features no longer shout 'foreigner' from a mile away, and subtly inspire trust.

(( Mythic Blood ability, just for reference. ))

"I'm not real used to working with a large group, so ... I guess I can say I'm a traveler. Maybe escorting Vibria here through the mountains, a high-born lady and her man-at-arms?"

"Bad idea. None of us are Gently Gifted. While we're not as bad off as Carmen or Guillaume, the last thing we need is to arouse the suspicion of our mundane neighbours, for the sake of rumors that can be gathered by mundane servants. If these rumors are so important we would be better off sending in a trusted custos or consors."

good idea :slight_smile:
Let me metelate on that while at work tonight

"Astrid and I can go into town to ask about. I, of course, will not be chatting with the mundanes. Rather, Astrid will do the talking while I keep an eye out invisibly."

That would work :slight_smile:

Estaban has the Gentle Gift, and Alexandro has no Gift, so they would make good choices for the inquiry party.
It is mid-morning in the villiage. Children are running around plaing in the snow, a dog barks, one guy is repairing a hole in his roof (it was punctured in last week's icy rain storm), and few people are going about thier normal business. It is bright and sunny, calm and cheerful. Most of the men in the villiage work in the salt mines, which do not open again until spring, so they are on vacation.
Overall, upon first impression, they do not seem like a people being menaced and oppressed by a dragon. Anyone with sufficient Magic Lore or Area Lore will know that the ;egends of there having been a dragon here are old, more than a hundred years old. Maybe they are out of date?
But your firedrake allies have confirmed that there is indeed a dragon that sleeps nearby, and that the goblins have found a way to steal bits of it's gold.
So the rest is up to you :slight_smile:

I might offer to add that anyone who wishes can play one of the grogs, or a resident of this town (I will feed you secrets :smiling_imp: ).
We are near the climatic end of this story, let us push it unto glory! :smiley:

you may give me a grog. Whoever you want.

Gardaitis is staying behind -- the Mythic Blood ability offsets the Gift penalty to some extent, but we'd never determined by how much. So, feel free to toss a grog at me. :slight_smile:

Here! Catch!



Here is an experiment. Just make up a name and go at it. This is (hopefully) a non-combat scene while talking to these villiagers. If needed, or for later use, we can base unique traits upon what you played the character like. For basics, I will reference Almogavars from the Grogs handbook.

I posted basic stats for a typical Red Shirt Almogaver here. So feel free to grab one and go at it. I also discovered there are several other grogs posted in that thread. Muddled up with lots of discussion. I was thinking of posting a cleaned up thread with just the characters only, leave the dicussion behind. Thoughts?