Winter Drake Hunt (Winter 1230)

Guillaume and Astrid will be part of the party. Guillaume will extend his Parma Magica over all those who could benefit from it, figuring the numbers won't be that large. Guillaume will be invisible the whole time, while Astrid will be in human form.

Cristobal (J.Random Red Shirt Almogaver #24) is whistling cheerfully to himself as he wanders down the path to the village, when he spots something to the side of the road. "Ooh. Wait a bit, guys."

He leaves the road for a moment, going down on his knees before a puddle of water -- breaks the ice on it with a few blows from his gauntleted fist, and checks his appearance as reflected in the water. Smooths back his long hair, twirls his moustache into the proper sharp points, and returns to the path. "Why didn't you all tell me I had straw stuck in my hair? No wonder Vibria was looking at me funny this morning."

One of the other men laughs. "Yeah, right. Like Vibria would even notice you."

"Oh, she only plays the un-interested virgin," Cristobal says airily. "Underneath it all, she likes me." He lays one finger alongside his nose, slyly. "A man can tell these things."


An old woman accross the street looks up at the group with a concerned face. A young mother turns away quickly. Some children go bounding down the street past you without care or concern. And a gentleman farmer approaches you with smiles and open arms.
Welcome! Welcome to Las Salines! It is my privilege to offer you hospitality and offer you what assistance you may need :smiley:.

I should put them on the wiki. One day. I'm not even sure I have finished with the magi :-/

Bienvenido (redshirt #2) is tired and hungry. He spend what seems like ages freezing his but, walking, and has not eaten since... way too long. So he is quite pleased at the man's offer.

Good man! You are a relief for worn travelers, a blessing from the lord! As you surmised, we are in dire need of rest, food, and a roof, and will gladly compensate you for your expenses :smiley:, does he say with a hopefull look at the magi

(OOC - I'm confused. Who are the non-grogs going along? Guillaume will want to limit the total group based on how many he can protect with his Parma Magica.)

As many as players want. We will make it work somehow. Maybe a second magus can turn invisible (such as Vocis).
There is also the rule for shared Parma, which I read as clear and unambiguous, but everyone seems to disagree with me. So we shall dispense with that debate. Anyone and everyone who wants to grab a random grog (or use one they created earlier) is part of the group, and it will all work out somehow.
Indeed, Estaban has the Gentle Gift and can help cover grogs with parma. So no worries in that regard.

the man smiles. Please forgive me, but you do not seem like mere travellers. More like soldiers on the march. What, with your armaments and all. But it matters not to me, for you seem like decent folk and friendly enough. Come with me :smiley: Back to my house. I will feed you all lunch, and as for payment I ask only that you tell me of your escapades and adventures.

Esteban replies, "You are too kind, sirrah. Indeed we are adventurers, and we have many stories to tell! For example, not two days ago we crossed paths with Gulio Ghules!" Esteban goes on to tell the tale in broad strokes, leaving out names and all the spellcasting. Mostly, what the beast looked like and how fearsome it was and how frightened the refugees were.

OOC: I give myself a goose egg for participation, I've been more absent than present and I acted like a jerk. :blush:

You are too hard on yourself. Not everyone can show up as often as others. What matters is what you do with your time here, and you have had some cool roleplaying moments.
But it is a self evaluation, so let it ride :slight_smile:

The man looks at you with a raised eyebrow. Gulio Ghules the Ghoul? Really? I suppose you met Humpty Dumpty along the way, and helped the three little kittens find their mittens. I know it is a strange world out there, so, I dunno. I suppose anything is possible. You arrive at his house where he has his wife and sister-in-law prepare lunch of lamb cold cuts (which was cooked and rubbed with seasoned salt), bread, butter, apples, some sweet winter wine, and snacks. For example, my grandfather used to tell stories of a dragon that once lived here. Chased off long before my father was even born. Old granpa, God rest his soul, say that he lived in the salt caves, and once the people drove him out they started the salt mines that make us so wealthy.

(OOC - OK, clearer to me now.)

Astrid will be playing the role of a lady traveling with Esteban and his men. As such, she'll leave him in charge and to take initial addresses. Meanwhile Guillaume is keeping his eye out for anything else that may show up.

Okay then :slight_smile:
The result is that there would be more pomp & circumstance if an aristicrat/noble lady is part of the group. Less suspicion about you being a band of wandering soldiers.
The bounty of my humble home is open to be shared with you. Eat, drink, and be merry.
I failed to catch your name, fair lady. Are you an adventurer too? Or perhaps you have come to Las Salines for business. Where are you from, might I ask?
Keep in mind that there is no nobility native to Andorra, but they do come around all the time to do business or vacation and such.

Anyone with a decent score in Folk Ken (plus Perception) may notice that the two women (the wife and sister in law) are acting kind of nervous.

Bienvenido salivates at this prospect

God bless you, good man, you are a life saver! I was so starving there, I thought I was gonna die!

Bienvenido turns towards the ladies
And this is your family! How lovely! Have no fear, ladies, we are not wandering marauders, but rather humble travelers. Do not let our weapons fool you: These are to defend ourselves, not to prey on the weak and defenseless. That being said, you'll excuse me, but I really must help myself to your food, lests I fall unconscious from thirst and deprivation.
And he'll being to eat and drink.

Well played :wink:

But that is not what seems to worry them. They get nervous when Greg (the house owner) starts talking about the salt mines.

(( Sorry I've been quiet -- keep meaning to do something stat-wise with Cristobal and keep forgetting.
Mark, can we assume that Cristobal has some entertainment-type skills? Bit of Legerdemain, bit of Singing/Storytelling, maybe some Folk Ken?))

sounds reasonable :slight_smile:

Somthing for those waiting outside of town.
The three firedrakes are with you. Simon perks his head up.
Simon: sniff You guys smell that?
Maurice: What? I don't sense anything
Venkath: snorrrrre
Simon: There's a lot of them, and they stink.
Maurice: A lot of what?
Simon: Ogres. sniff And Goblins. Hordes of them, coming from two different directions. Prolly about two hours away.
Venkath: zzzz...huh...growf?

((Hmmm.....really wish I'd been paying more attention when this group split. :slight_smile: We have Guillaume and Esteban in town with a few grogs, right? Vocis would have sent Celeste out for overwatch, but it's unlikely he would have snagged an AC from a grog due to their general inexperience with magic.))

Vocis has been periodically checking in with Celeste, generally looking off blankly most of the time. He perks up at Simon's comment. Excuse me, did you say hordes of ogres and goblins? He's not discounting the possibility that Simon is either exaggerating or lying to mess with his brothers or the rest of the group.

[color=red]"And did you say two hours?" Vibria says, a hint of skepticism in her voice. [color=red]"Do ogres and goblins really reek that much?"

Regardless, she will go ahead and armour up, buckling up her sword and prepare to lay the smacketh down, in case the dragons confused "hour" and "minute".

Simon nods in the affirmative. Not that they smell bad. Just that there is lots of them. Ogres coming from the South. And the got dogs. Goblins coming from the west, and they got wolves.
They are moving slow. Prolly because of numbers. Maybe three hours away, or four. Enough time for a nap anyway.

Flying way overhead with keen eyesight, Celeste swoops over the general indicated region and confirms what Simon says.
A warband of ogres approaching from the south. Big ones, with helmets and axes.
A horde of goblinoids charging from the west, riding wolves and giant spiders and such.
Neither seems very coordinated. More like they are racing to get to the town before the other does. Moving much faster than Simon estimates. Less than an hour away maybe?