Winter Provence 1207: the tribunal

Once again magi from all over provence (and some from further away) gather to discuss events, vote on resolutions, and engage in trade and politics.

Before heading to the Tribunal, she will make sure her daughters are well cared for by the ladies among the covenfolk, with an admonition (in half jest), not to give them too much sweets. Of her Enchanted items, she will only bring her cloak.

She will offer Gerard that they arrive by flight, though she will inform him that it means that only one of his boys will be able to come along, if he so chooses. Unless the Tribunal isn't too far, in which case, she can fly herself and Gerard first, return to the covenant, and come back with his two boys.

It is roughly 170 miles from the covenant to the tribunal meeting.

She will have noticed, in her intermittent visits, that the boys are growing up. By 1207, they both go about armed and armored as warriors, though they are still boys of 14. They can be seen swordfighting with the grogs on equal terms, and have actually surpassed their father.

Gerard offers them the opportunity to act as Typhannie's shield grogs. They were already excited about the flight, but the added opportunity for responsibility makes them even happier.

In his usual way, Gerard seems very casual and happy-go-lucky about the whole thing, but just for a moment, when the boys aren't paying attention, he will tell Typhannie, "Be careful. My wife wants to take them. I will be on guard, and I think I can handle her in an altercation, but she is also Flambeau, and quite dangerous. She may have something up her sleeve politically at tribunal, too."

Gerard will travel in a different way, fully equipped and ready for battle as always, but even more wary than usual because he has a vengeful wife out there somewhere; first casting a spell to make himself float in the air, then covering distance in a series of hops, teleporting along at a rate to match the group; staying 300-400 paces behind them to keep watch for any ambush or dangers.

[Wizard's Armored Leap is Mastered 1, so should be repeatedly castable without botch dice, is that ok @silveroak?

Successful Roll on Discord for a spont version of Rise of the Feathery Body (In Armor) - ReCo(Te) 10: Base 4, Per/Sun +2/Ind.

He can dispel the Rise spell when he gets there. Without concentration, he can't adjust height, but he can do so through teleporting.]

Typhannie will graciously accept them as her bodyguards. The two boys have grown, and are now young men. She has grown to like them, even if they still sometimes were too anxious to fly, and they certainly seemed to be devoted to their studies.

"I recall the incident, and will keep an eye out for them, and an eye out for your wife." Having children of her own, she could understand his desire to be protective of them.

Before they leave to the Tribunal, she will give each of them an enchanted staff, and tell them how to use it. She will make sure to say "I trust that you will not be using it needlessly, but only if you need to. And if you can do that, I'll gift them to you once the Tribunal is over."

Normally no, I would have some botch buildup from repeated castings causing stress. However in this case the spell makes you more than 4x as fast as the flying does that you are keeping pace with, meaning 3 rest actions between castings, so I will allow it.

The group arrives at the tribunal and in the outer fields tents have been set up intermixing vendors and those who are sleeping in temporary accommodations. Along with tents there is a wide variety of conjured dwellings in amongst the rows of tents. several verditius magi have wares on display, including three blacksmiths displaying items of power in front and more valuable enchantments within the shelter of their temporary shops. Typhanie is also able to locate a verditius clothier. A couple of paces have books for sale- or rather copies of singular books which the mage peddling the books has authored. A vis exchange is taking place via written bids, where magi put offers on tablets where other magi note counteroffers beneath.
A board has scheduled topics for discussion, debate and vote, and the announcement of the formation of the Covenant of Rodes in the Templar order, presented by their representative to the Tribunal- Amaya.

Checking with Gerard what he wishes to do Typhannie will note "If you don't mind, I wish to speak with my fellow Verditius Magus, and catch up on some news. I will have your boys close to me, so no worries."

Gerard smiles. "I want to shop, I'll be at the smiths' booths." He will go over to the booths and take a look at what kind of magical armaments there are, in particular looking to see if any are item of quality swords.

Between the three booths he can find all three classes of swords (short, long and great) as swords of quality with distinct styles for each booth- one hosts crusader style swords, another roman style and the third an eastern style of scimitar-like blades.

Meanwhile, Typhannie will head to the clothier's booth. "Hello, my name is Typhannie, and I'd like to learn about dress-making, and to see your wares."

"What would you like to know about dress making? The clothes, well I have a variety of designs, some of the most popular are ones which act as armor despite, well, not obviously being armor."

Typhannie smiles at her, and flashes her a warm smile, clapping her hands in excitement "Well, I have studied under Challybus, who had me study woodworking, but over the past few years, I've found a joy in dresses, and I'd love to study from you about making them, and how to enchant them. I am a diligent student, and besides, making a dress that would allow me to fly would be so wonderful, though if you could teach me also how to make it act like armor, if would useful in the field, or when traveling."

"And what reason would I have to train my competition? There are plenty of other crafts you can master if you want to add another craft to your repertoire."

"It is our House's tradition to teach one another the secrets of Craftsmanship, and besides, judging by the quality of your work, it would be some time till I can reach your current level of excellence, at which point, you'll have improved your skill, and can do much more than I can hope to achieve." And she leans in to whisper "And I can tell you that my main reason to learn this, is because I want to master this new Craft, which I believe is much better than making weapons or staves, is to be able to make myself a dress by my own hands. I have studied a spell to make garments, but it's nowhere near as satisfying as actually making the item by hand."

"It is our house tradition to pass down the secrets and initiations, from masters to initiates, not to teach our crafts as a matter of charity to one another. Consider what you would respond had I made the same request of you to teach me carpentry. I am no master of the inner mysteries, though I can direct you to one of our mystagogues if that is what you seek."

She lowers her voice, both so that less people would hear, and so she doesn't embarrass her fellow maga."If you had made such a request, I would have asked you simply, and directly, what are you willing to offer in return." And she smiles at her, and continues, more loudly "I do not ask for charity, we can certainly negotiate a reasonable price."

She considers "Normally those I teach my craft are my apprentices, and they pay me in seasons of service. I assume that you are accomplished to a point where this would not suit you, would you be willing to act as a lab assistant, season for season, in exchange for the training in my craft?"

Typhannie seems to consider the offer, though she dismissed it as soon as it was uttered. She had no desire to mark this woman as her superior in the eyes of others. "Though I admire your handiwork, assisting you in the lab would be something I'd loathe to do, since I value your work too much to accidentally damage anything. But I am willing to help you with enchantments, such as my skills allow, or if you wish, to provide you with a crop of some dresses made under your tutelage, and enchanted by me."

OOC: She's willing to either enchant items for her, or, when she makes some enchanted dresses, provide a number of them to her, to do with as she wishes.


Meanwhile, Gerard will be expressing interest in two of the Crusader style swords, looking for matching shields. "Have you been outfitting a lot of magi-templars?"