Witch Unknown Armies edition do you like best?

What edition of Unknown Armies do you like best. I like the first ed rather good. But I find the second ed a bit more ordered and easy to find things in. Also hard cover helps preserve a book that often receive much handling during the course of the game.

hands-down, second edition is my favorite because of the thorough Mac Attax stuff, Break Today and To Go, especially

I do like the Goal and Progress rules in the third edition, as well as the cork board suggestion for cabal creation, which my group and I used, my GM said it made it very easy for her to figure out what happened next, but I'm not fond of some of the new setting material which is a bit more conservative than I enjoy fantasizing about.

...and I just noticed this is a 13 year old thread

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I really liked 2nd edition, but there are lots of improvements in 3rd edition.

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