Wizards' Convention (Summer, 1221)

Corvus (as a Raven) and Crone have been flying around during the days of traveling. He is keeping an eye out for anything that might effect the wagons but also wanting to meet any of the local ravens or crow clans. He always returns to the group when they camp and tells them what he has seen.

Corvus and Crone will go to the Eastern gate as the wagon looked like it had some shiny things in it.

Angus, Corbin, Gavin, and Tia arrive at the western gate just as the maga before them enters the covenant, cooling herself with a hand-held fan as she walks away.

A middle aged woman sits at the table under the gazebo, with several pieces of parchment held down by small rocks to keep them from fluttering away in the slight breeze. A young man and a not-as-young man are seated by her.

"Good afternoon, magi," she says in Latin with a very strong Scottish accent, "and welcome to Loch Leglean." She asks each of the magi in turn their name; if they have a covenant and if so, which covenant; and if they have any special requirements. She also asks if they're expecting any others from Insula Canaria and how many.

At the eastern gate, Corvus and Crone alight by the wagon, the two drivers (or possibly a driver and his bodyguard) and a harried and increasingly frustrated-looking young man are arguing in Gaelic about whether the wagon and its merchandise should be allowed inside the covenant. The driver's arguing that it should, since this is very valuable equipment and items that his master needs; the custos is arguing that most, if not all, of the cargo is wares to be sold and that he needs to set up in the faire grounds. Neither one looks to be yielding; the others in the gazebo (an elderly man and a woman with green hair) sit there smirking.

Angus nods "I have settled upon the name Tantalus of Tytalus, my Parens was Nocturnus, and I have my shield grog accompanying me."

Corvus will change back to normal and walk up to the wagon and gazebo. He will stand for a while looking the wagon over and the merchandise in the wagon ( if it is not covered). Crone will hop into the bed of the wagon for a closer look. After a minute ro so Corvus will look to the people on the gazebo.

"Do you have a covenant, or are you an aonaran?"

(when Tantalus answers)

The woman makes a note on the parchment, then looks at the others. "And are all of you also from Insula Canaria? How many magi from there will there be?"

"There are seven of us total," Gavin replies. "Six now and one coming later with her (rather large) familiar. Speaking of which, several of us came with familiars." He gestures to Groot. "We'll need them signed in too."

OOC: Do I have the number right? It's so hard to keep track. In any case, Gavin will try to give an accurate number.

I have eight magi total, I think: Angus, Beatrix, Corbin, Corvus, Eilid, Gavin, Hope, and Laerleggr, plus Isobel (non-Hermetic magic-user). Beatrix and Laerleggr are coming later.

The woman consults a map of the covenant, dips her quill in a bottle of ink, and writes "Insula Canaria cv." on four squares on the loch-ward side of the covenant away from the river. She then picks up a slate blackboard (about the size of a piece of parchment) and a piece of chalk, and writes "Insula Canaria covenant in cabins 72 73 74 75"

The older man gets up and, as he asks everyone's name in turn, hands them a wooden fan and formally invites them into the covenant. The fan is painted with a unicorn rampant, encircled by the words "LXII Loch Leglean Tribunal AD 1221". The familiars are likewise invited in, but they get a smaller fan-shaped tag.

"Welcome to the Tribunal, sodales," he says in strongly Irish-accented Latin. "If you need anything, ask one of our covenfolk."

Bea was leaving later, but arriving approximately the same time. Actually, she is specifically aiming to beat some gross there to get a token to the Aegis.

Corvus is tired of the argument and walks around the wagon.

I thought she was travelling at night to avoid causing a stir.

Yes, but also leaving slightly later because they can fly there much more efficiently.

"Oi!", the wagoneer shouts at Corvus, "Wait your turn!"

"It is is turn, you're going over there!" The covenfolk turns his back on the wagoneer and returns to his table in the gazebo.

"Sorry for the delay, magus. Now..." he stops as he looks at a small blackboard on the table, then takes what looks like a map of Loch Leglean Covenant, writes on some of the squares, and makes some notes on another piece of parchment.

"Welcome to Loch Leglean. May I have your name, please?" Once Corvus answers, he asks "Are you with a covenant or are you an aonaran?"

So, getting there shortly after sundown, then?

Corvus proudly says I am a member of Insula Canaria

Corvus will glance over at the beasts pulling the wagon. You need to go over there. He points to the fair grounds.
Animal Ken : 1D10+3 = [4]+3 = 7

Tia, piloting Hope, signs both names and takes both tokens. Hope wonders if anyone will comment on that, but is very glad Tia is running the show. "Thank you for the token. Where is the best place to start trading in you're opinion?"

Angus, or now Tantalus, enters quietly and simply begins walking around, taking a personal survey of the land and finding the space they have been assigned.

Isobel signs in as a muggle member of Insula Canaria and asks for where she can set up a small stand to sell potions.

Gavin sends his bag off with Cory to get them settled in, and wanders with Groot to see if they've set the place up differently than last time.

Corbin is happy to wander the grounds, look at how a larger established covenant runs things watches the goings on. With cat and good clothes he's probably not going to be confused for a magus but he's not fussed about being treated well.
If he can find a few folk to chat to he's happy. Maybe wander around the markets then the 'backstage' areas.

Is it just over one night's flight? She is aiming to arrive in the dark shortly before the others arrive.

"The merchants and vendatores are setting shop over there." The middle-aged gestures with her quill toward the outside of the covenan, where people have set up a lot of impromptu sheds and pavilion tents.