Wizards' Convention (Summer, 1221)

At the Summer 1221 Council Meeting (which technically happens the day before the summer solstice), Eilid brings up the topic of the upcoming Tribunal Meeting.

[color=brown]"In about a month and a half will be the regular Loch Leglean Tribunal Meeting, held at the covenant of Loch Leglean. From here, it's probably about a two days' walk, weather permitting. This time of year, we shouldn't be getting a lot of rain.

"The meeting itself starts the morning of the first of August, with the traditional pancake breakfast. The faire opens up three days before, and packs up a couple of days after the Meeting ends.

"I would suggest that those of us who are travelling by foot leave no later than the 28th to ensure that we get there in plenty of time."

Angus suggests "Some might want to leave a day or two earlier, if we want to participate in the faire. What about lodging, is that already provided or do we need to arrange for that?"

[color=brown]"Loch Leglean provides the housing," Eilid says. [color=brown]"They have several dozen cottages that can accommodate two magi, and quite a few barracks for the grogs, scattered over the grounds of the covenant. They usually try to keep magi from the same covenant in the same area, and try not to house aonaran in the same cottage if they expect problems. But if any magi have preferences, the staff will take those into account when they arrange the housing."

"It promises to be a good time," Gavin offers. "I was at the last Tribunal and it was a lot of fun. I'm with Angus about getting there a little early to enjoy the faire."

Bea replies, [color=blue]"Günther and I can get there quickly. As I plan to be there for the entirety, we will leave here the evening before it begins so that we can travel in the dark and not disturb those beneath us."

Corvus wonders if we need to get anything for the Covenant? Do we have books or vis to trade?

"I have vis to trade! See if I can swap my Vim for something useful. Well Vim's useful, but I always have too much."

[color=brown]"How long before the Tribunal do we want to leave?" Eilid asks. [color=brown]"Assuming that we all want to travel together. If we want to get there, say, three days before it officially opens, we'd want to leave around the 25th of July. If we want to get there the day before, that would be two or three days later."

So, basically, who wants to leave early, and who wants to get there just in time for the meeting?

Corvus will leave early

Gavin is more than happy to leave early.

Hope will. More time to trade and stuff.

Corbin is happy to do either. Traveling as a group isn't a bad idea.

Traveling together would be tedious for Günther and it would take more time from Bea's family. She wants to arrive early but not leave early. That shouldn't be an issue with flight involved, but it will make her travel separately.

Eilid, Angus, Gavin, Corvus, Hope, Corbin, and Isobel are leaving Insula Canaria as a group to arrive at Tribunal early for the faire, while Beatrix will fly via Gunther to arrive around the same time as the others.

Boudicca is staying behind.

Laerleggr is tbd.

The road to Loch Leglean is bathed in sunshine as it winds between hills. The magi and their entourage have plenty of time to get to know each other better. Eilid brings her great-granddaughter Frida and her grandson/shield grog Ceallach – a tall, brawny man with dark hair and eyes and a bushy beard who speaks good Latin. Eilid also spends most, if not all, of the trip in deer form.

The group approaches Loch Leglean from the north. The covenant, which backs up to the River Pattack and Loch Laggan, is enclosed by a large, low wall made of piled stone. There are two entrances, one to either end of the covenant, wide enough for a wagon. Each looks to have a gazebo which holds a group of people and a table, at which two of the people are seated. The eastern gate has a heavily-loaded wagon and a few people, while the western gate only has one person checking in.

Laerleggr will hoof it on his own, having been absorbed in a carving to the extent that he lost his awareness of what day it was. So he'll leave after the early group leaves, but will make every effort to be present for the start. He doesn't think to ask for a grog escort, only for directions from Muriel or Kester, not knowing whom else to ask, with all the other magi gone. Unless he sees that Beatrix is still there, then he'll ask her. And since he did walk from Glasgow up to Insula Canaria, there is some chance he might have passed by Loch Leglean on the way...

Angus, out of habit, begins to make for the Western gate.

Yep, seems legit. Onward, Corbin jogs happily to catch up and walks with a big excited smile. "This is going to be great huh!"

Angus allows himself a small smile "I hope so, Nocturnus never took me to a Tribunal, this will be my first."

Gavin also makes for the western gate as well, if only because there seems to be less of a wait there. Groot, in the form of a thrush, flies over to the gazebo where he perches on the edge of the roof, waiting for Gavin to arrive.

"My mom dragged me to three. The first one was fun, but she was a grouch during the second two. Tia's gonna take over. Try and get something good for all this vim."
When Tia does take control of the body she stretches.
"Huzzah! My first tribunal! I hope the food is good. So what do we want to do first?"