Wizards' Convention (Summer, 1221)

Hope, or Tia piloting Hope will vote for Latin.

After a surprisingly contentious debate, with those wishing to uphold the time-honored traditions of the Loch Leglean Tribunal and of Scotland herself against those who claim that the oath they all swore binds them to conduct their business in Latin, the vote is finally taken and Latin wins overwhelmingly.

The next few items are various covenants lobbing accusations against each other for raiding in violation of the Pact, or of scrying against the Code by way of spies that were planted, or of just planting spies period. For the most part, it's Crun Clach vs. Mac Gruagach vs. Horsigas (with Crun Clach-Horsingas being the bulk of it), although Non Metuens, Horn's Hills, and Fire's Heart also get a few accusations levied against them.

Horsingas and their allies also stand accused of interfering with the mundanes – namely raiding the English and the Scottish lords who support that Henry kid.

Tantalus will take notes about the various complaints but largely abstain from the voting, except where the charges against Horsingas lie, which he votes to acquit each time if it comes to vote. (not much point in fleeing to another country if that country just winds up invading and coming to you), or where there is already a majority supporting Horsingus on other matters, which he will vote with.

Maintaining the standard Redcap neutrality, Bea waits patiently for other interesting things...

(Just posting to say I'm still here and just waiting for other stuff...)

Hope abstains from everything except the mundane interference were she votes to acquit. She figures the nobles probably deserved it on general principal, and that nobles should expect raids so its not really interference.