Wizards' Faire (Summer, 1221)

"I meant what feuds currently exist."

Beatrix will keep her eyes open for solid Rego and Vim tractatus. Summas in those areas don't really interest her.

Aelfred smiles. "Do you have time? Loch Leglean, and indeed Scotland, is very chaotic, with enemies at every turm. If you want to set with me when the Tribunal's not in session, I will be happy to enlighten you somewhat."

Make a bargain roll or two. There are some available.

"Perhaps at the end of this Tribunal?"

"Very well. Our hosts are quite generous with their hospitality, and won't run us off for some time after the Tribunal is officially done."

Tia was focusing on Tractatus. Sry.

Bargain (w/ specialty and Communication):
1D10+3 = [6]+3 = 9
1D10+3 = [7]+3 = 10