Wizards' Faire (Summer, 1221)

A thread to continue the characters' goings-on at the Tribunal marketplace.

The entire Loch Leglean Redcap contingent is at the Tribunal. Even Isis, who is leaning on her staff a little heavier than the last time Bea saw her.

There don't seem to be many Tytalus magi in the Tribunal. There are a couple (from Horsingas) that people seem to divided on – either they like them or they really dislike them. And (maybe not surprisingly) the subject of Nocturnus and/or his unexpected demise isn't coming up in casual conversation...at least, not that Tantalus can hear.

Tantalus will choose a seat near the Tytalus magi and try to hear what they are talking about.

For the most part, they seem to be talking about other magi that they haven't seen in a while (Tantalus can tell they're magi because, some of them, they mention their House). Stuff like, "I got a letter from her last year, she's at such-and-such covenant now, taken an apprentice" or "Didn't he move to Thebes? Hope he knows what he's getting himself into." There are a couple that they don't seem to have heard from in a while that they're worried about.

When they leave, one tells the other "What Scarface doesn't know, won't hurt her."

Before they leave Tantalus will walk up and introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Tantalus of Tytalus, this is my first tribunal and I thought I should meet some of my fellow house members."

One of the magi is an almost skeletally thin man who looks to be in his mid- to late-fifties, with stringy white hair. The other looks much younger (in his thirties, perhaps), muscular and apparently quite fit with short blond hair.

The younger looks at the older for a minute before he turns his gaze to Tantalus.


"Tantalus, I've been gauntleted recently."

"Congratulations," the older one says before a brief coughing fit.

"I am Aelfred of Little Downing," he says, "and this is Edwin. Both of Tytalus, and both of Horsingas."

"Your accent," Edwin says, "tells me you're from England."

"Yes, when I completed my gauntlet I felt that it might be a good idea to relocate and avoid any misunderstandings."

"Yes, it might be wise for someone so young to bide your time and marshall your forces while you put the pieces in place," Aelfred says.

"Or," Edwin argues, "he could strike now while his foes are off-balance and not give them time to get good intelligence about him."

Tia will try and get prices on some of the art Tractatus. In pawns of Vim vis if the type matters.

"I do not yet have any foes, that I know of, save the ghost of my previous foe."

It would be one-half (rounded up) of the Quality of the tractatus in pawns of Vim for a Technique, or one-third (rounded up) for a Form. There are at least one or two tractatus of each art available, ranging from scores of 5 to 12.

Edwin chuckles. "Probably not the most useful of ghosts, I would imagine. Although possibly quite bothersome."

"Quite so. So how lies the local landscape? Anyone I should be wary of or be ingratiating myself to, aside from obviously the two of you whom I should be ingratiating myself to." He smiles a crooked smile at the last comment.

"Well, obviously, Horsingas is the true power in Loch Leglean," Aelfred says. "Mac Gruagach is to be avoided. They are dangerously close to the line as to what's allowable as far as non-Hermetic wizards ago. Crun Clach is touchy. They have Caitlin Suil Uaine, who's been the Praeco for...about two hundred and fifty years, I think, and they're so tied up with the fae that your guess is as good as mine as to what they're going to do one day to the next.

"Burnham was sent here by the English magi to distrupt our fair land any way they can.

"Doire Druidhan are idiots, and probably Diedne.

"If you can get in good with Fithich Spòg, do."

Tantalus pays close attention to the list, then asks "So how do the feuds and rivalries lay out?"

What are the best books for Muto, Corpus, Te and Rego?

"That all depends on the magi and the covenants involved.," Aelfred explains. "A young magus feuding with an older one will play out differently than two arch-magi. A spring covenant against a winter will not be the same as two summers."

"You'd be a fool to start a feud with anyone alone," Edwin wheezes. "At least not without some allies."

There are 24-point books available for sale or trade in all three. (I.e. level + quality = 24)

Of the three, which would you prefer? And make a Bargain roll.