Wizards Sigils?

Can anybody provide some ideas for wizards sigils?

It seems hard to pick a sigil that works across all forms

A big list would be good!

A few of the casting sigils in my current game are:

Disorderliness - spell effects seem barely controlled or else appear "cheshire cat' fashion.
Smoke - spell effects appear in a puff of smoke or else leave a smoke trail behind, or leave a smokey smell.
Pine scent - caster, targets, or affected items emit a scent reminiscent of pine trees.
Spirals - spell effects (or their targets) feature a spiral motif, or else move in a helical course.
Chains - spell effects appear to involve chains, targets feel as if weighed with chains. Sound of rattling chains.
Sweetness - targets taste sweet, experience as sweet taste in their mouths, or appear to drip honey.
Soot - caster, targets, or affected objects appear to be covered in soot when spells are cast.
Darkness - Caster, targets or objects affected by magic always appear to be cloaked in shadow.
Buzzing - Spellcasting or the targets of ongoing effects emit an obnoxious droning sound like winged insects.
Silver - spell effects tend to exhibit the colour silver, or appear in a shower of silvery dust


Thanks for those but could you give a little more detail please?

Particularly intrigued by chains, spirals & silver!


Water sprouts (or their smell).
Order. All the spells are orderly, or make the caster or the target appear orderly.
Chaos. The ooposite. Even if the end result is the same, there is a sense of chaos in the development. A spell to change your appearence might leave your clothes and hair all messed up, and unseen porter might seem to be carried by a drunken porter, even if it does not hit anything it seems that it was about to.
Grass. Grass smell, grass leave for diameter duration appearing aropund the target, ruffled grass, or lush grass around you when you cast...
Sea birds. Smell, appearence, sound, sea birds attracted to caster or target...
Stars. Star patterns, light of stars, ...
Good manners (pleasant order and "proper" behaviour of magic or its consequences, not too loud or too discrete)
Spectacularity. everything is BIG and AMAZING and LOUD!

For my magus, his Sigil is precision. Everything he does is precise. This doesn't mean it's always what he wants, merely that it's precise. If he botches, the botch is also precise.

Other magi I've had have had sigils such as the chill of cold air, for a flambeau who's brilliant at both perdo and ignem. A lot of his spells involved ice anyway, so it wasn't as noticeable against the spells themselves.

Another had a faint glow and white light from the centre of either his chest (if a non aimed spell) or hands (yes, said magus was Tony Stark. He was an NPC for a saga, and basically I went "Eh... I'll make Tony Stark, just to see if it can be done.")

Some that I have used for PC and NPC.

Keening of the dead - as spells are used the deathly moans of the dead seem to rise up from all around (yes it makes for poor stealth but what necromancer is being subtle?)

Golden glow of Apollo - spells either mark the target, the magus, or the effect with a shimmering of golden light

Fracturing with age - spell effects end with a crumbling as though time is destroying them, other effects also act in the manner crumbling with age

Spirit of water - a friend's maga sigil always has a element of water from a strong stream, either the sound of a rushing streams or the appearance of rushing water, ect. Even a Ignem or Terram spell the objects would briefly take on the semblance of moving like water. No real affect just the temporary look of it.

Jagged edges - everything seems to have a sharpness to it sounds are abrupt and piercing, illusions have hard edges, mentem affects have a very disjointed break from normal. Not to the point where the sigil hurts the spell but more like everything is strikingly stark and standing out.

More coming I just got to find them

The sigils I remember from published magi seem to be mostly 'side effects' rather than 'ways the magic manifests'. Back in 4th ed there was a Hermetic Flaw called Warped Magic that meant all your magic was accompanied by some side effect - like puffs of smoke. But your casting sigil could very well be the 'way' the magic looked e.g. mysterious. So spells cast leave for a short while trails of smoke forming strange symbols or shapes.

My current magus has 'matte black' as his casting sigil.

Wow, that's a stack of great ideas, thanks folks!

Think i,m getting the sense of describing sigil effects.

Every magus in Magi of Hermes has his or her sigil described. I'll see if I can collate them for you this weekend.

One magus that I use in a PbP saga here, a portal researcher, has the following casting sigil: His magic manifests as a slight disturbance of the senses, usually in the form of a tingling feeling by the target of the spell or a slight shimmering of the air in the area affected by his magic.

Another one, a reptilian-shapeshifter in a different saga, has: A touch of brilliant green and/or a touch of dryness much like the scales of a lizard. This reflects the fact that his first form, the way his Gift fiorst manifested itself, was that of a green lizard.

It's still in there in 5th ed. I used it recently to represent a dizzying, vertigo effect that is off-putting to everybody around the magus in addition to making it impossible to produce unnoticeable effects.

There's also the Virtue version that means something substantially positive is associated with the sigil.

One game I was in had a Terran specialist with who's sigil was light etching into nearby materials. Chaos maths repeating fractal patterns, which made an observers brain hurt. The criamon magus kept trying to find reason in them... Without success. Was also murder on nice furniture! Sigil mark was a fractal.

That aforementioned criamon guy had runic tattoos that would write and twist as he cast. Apparantly they said some scary things in Norse. Sigil symbol was the rune for sage.

Another was fanfares. Played a brassy instrumental piece varying from a note to a few bars... Dependant on complexity. Figured that was pretty cool, if a bit ostentatious.

One had rot, which was pretty brutal. Curdled milk, soured food, etc. think that had a flaw or two tied into it. was a particularly nasty half fae with what I can only describe as an evil 'witch king of the nazgul' thing going on.

Clearly I failed.

Here are the descriptions from the introduction. I added the sigils:
Alexander of Jerbiton: A magus who spends
his life exploring the deserts of North
Africa, developing spells to change himself
and his attendants into animals to
better travel in those harsh lands.

While being cast, Alexander's spells create a shimmering effect like the air above a hot field of stones

Aurulentus of Jerbiton: This seventh son of
a seventh son is deeply concerned with
his family, and develops many spell effects
concerned with health, fertility,
and care for children as a result.

When casting a shimmer appears, seemingly cloaking the target. this can be a defensive protective cloak or an aggressive armor

Conscientia of Bonisagus:
This “lab rat” develops
effects to order for other magi, to
gather resources for her own research
project that has yet to bear fruit.

lines around the target appear twisted and Broken

Gwidion of Verditius: A master at magically
enhancing plants, his greatest creation
may be the living tree that serves
as his home.

sound of trees bending in the wind

Hugh of Flambeau: A magus who relishes
physical combat, and who has developed
many spells and enchanted items to make
him a more formidable opponent.

Sound of clashing weapons/ a keen edge

Julia of Ex Miscellanea: This weaver’s faerie
blood lets her produce enchanted
cloth and clothing of the highest caliber,
though she rejects her heritage and as a
result is tormented by her fey ancestor
— a spider prince.

A thread like weave

Lambert of Merinita: This trader of goods
and materials uses his magic to support
his mercantile activities and his family,
and to overcome the social handicap of
his Gift.

coins their appearance, and their sound

Maris of Tytalus: A magus who lives at sea,
constantly testing his magic against the
raw fury of the elements, and searching beneath
its waters for ancient magical sites.

When he casts a spell he grasps at ethereal threads connecting him to his taret

Marcus of Criamon: This giant-blooded
magus seeks to create living beings by
combining the features of two or more
existing creatures, with the minotaur as
his final goal.

horns: in shadow or as a ghostly image

Persephone of Tytalus: Driven by vengeance
against her pater, she and her disfigured
sister use magic to enhance their network
of agents, giving them a great deal
of mundane influence.

targets sometimes have a ghostly after-effect shadow or echo.

Petalichus of Verditius: Spinning webs of intrigue
through the use of secret Mysteries,
this crafter of seemingly humble devices is
as secretive, manipulative, and vindictive
as his arachnid familiar implies.

magic manifests as threads that weave an effect and traces of magic feels like frayed edges

Ranulf of Flambeau: This magus aims to
master fire magic, developing a wide
range of new spells and effects, including
non-violent applications of this Art.

brightness, colors of objects targeted by his spells lightened fires burn with exceptional brightness.

Scipio of Merinita: Casting his magic
through music and illusion, this son of a
faerie king searches for his true love despite
his father’s interference.

A red fox that manifests and acts in his spells

Tolides of Flambeau: The apprentice of a
marched Infernalist, he is obsessed with
darkness and cold as a result of the influence
of demons that still surround him,
waiting for him to fall.

black writhing vapor that unfolds around the caster (warped magic)

Yestin of Jerbiton: A traveling bard, whose
magic enhances his music and makes his
journeys easier, even as he’s plagued by a
meddlesome faerie.

Spells and devices have a moment of calm like, an intake of breath, before taking effect.

What I have used...

Roberto of Flambeau: Style and Grace (his spells look cool and/or make him look cool)
Metron the renegade: Darkness & Shadow (his flames are black, objects with spells cast on them cast eerie shadows or have creepy shadows on them, etc)
Karado's of Flambeau: Kirby Dots
Valten of Flambeau: Cold, Pale, Dry (qualities absorbed by objects with active magic &/or emminates from casting)

a man of the future MIGHT have a slightly ahead of their time effects as their sigil!(maybe?)

I like just giving people anachronistic sigils.

the furutistic sigil was just a thought.

Some sigils for Magi I've used.

William du Soleil (the first magus I made) Flambeau: A fist, all spells looked like a fist. A Fist of Abysmal Flame, Cesti of Flame, etc.
Rodri ap Buthfanen, Bonisagus: Orderly and precise, with symmetry and geometric motions.
Sinmore Flambeau: The smell of burning hair. Also, she had a flaw that caused a side effect of increased heat when she used magic
Agitatus Tutalus: Electrical sparks and the smell of ozone
Alexei von Kroitsau Flambeau: A pleasant smell. He had the beneficial side effect virtue. Add this with his Gentle Gift and the fact he didn't need to use gestures or voice and his spells were actually an enjoyable experience, and almost imperceptible. He used a lot of buffs and the smell usually evoked good memories. The Grogs loved to have his magic cast on them.
Zoltan Merinita: His shadow will move independently of the caster, and he has a flaw that adds a foul wind to his spells.

A sigil should either affect the caster, affect the spell or affect the target. That's the easiest way to generate them. And if you want the sigil to have greater power (good or ill) there's a few virtues and flaws that do that.