Wondering about Mysteries: Revised Edition

I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a review of Mysteries: Revised Edition. I'm interested in it, but I can't find an online review of it anywhere.

There is the first impression thread from when the book came out.

Thanks, thats' exactly what I was looking for... I guess I didn't find it when I searched the forums be they used the abrevation in the subject header. :slight_smile:

It is an optional book anyway, because the most impotant rules from TMRE can be found in HoH:MC as well.

It is interesting for those who want to deal with immortality or long campaigns in a relatively fantastic setting.
It doesn't help you with more down to earth adventures.

Wow, that's a rather strong statement. The capstone virtues of the Mysteries are all pretty 'fantastic' but most of the mysteries and the cults themselves are rather applicable to all sorts of campaigns. The early alchemy and astrological virtues actually tend to be rather less fantasy and more down to earth than traditional Hermetic magic.

You might as well say that Hermetic Magic is only for those who want long campaigns full of high fantasy because the elder magi can call up earthquakes and hurricanes or teleport long distances while shapechanged into a basilisk. Most magi can't do those things, just as most Mystae aren't immortal wielders of wierd powers.

I like Ancient Mysteries better than the Mysteries revised. More indepth stores and mysteries.

Well, they are two entirely different things. Ancient Magic is, essentially, a book of adventures where the reward happens to be the kind of lore wizards would covet (and therefore has a few rules to cover that). The Mysteries is a rule book.

TMRE is a rewrite of the ,mysteries to make it useful for a wider audience. The first incantation of the book (the mysteries, 4th edition) was amazing if you got into it, but looked like an ocultism book: hard to read and with less than clear objectives in some areas. iMO it was too thick on the philosophical side to make it useful for most readers. In a sense it was too good as a mysteries book :slight_smile:

TMRE basically takes 90% of the background material (philosophy and worldview) out of the book and turns it into a bunch of cults that do stuff with 80 pages of rules for "new kewl stuff". For me it is useless, since IMS we go lite on the rules, but I can see how other people could use it. We have 3 mystery cults in our neighborhood (there are more in the order, but we do not have direct contact with them) but they are treated using normal rules without the need for specific rules for sacrificing and gaining power: you can achieve the same result without such detailed rules in our opinion. But that is us :slight_smile: If you like detailed rules for magical evolution for OLDER MAGI this is a great resource.

The "older magi" bit is important: it is geared more towards magi that cannot evolve easily in their hermetic specializations anymore (hitting the upper limit) and want to get power through other ways. For a starting character a normal hermetic library is much more attractive towards acquiring power.



I wrote a review of it here.

I think it's a grand book. It is indeed more useful for "high-level", i.e. old, magi with lots of magical power. However, it is also excellent for brewing up ideas about cults, strange NPCs, and motivations for NPCs and groups of NPCs. I like it a lot, even if it's a little more technical and tool-kit oriented than the older product.