Wondrous items and seasons

A question about City & Guild: does a craftman need a "genuinely free" season of consecutive work to make a wondrous item through the "Touched by (Realm)" Virtue or does he just need a season equivalent of time, possible spread over the year? In the latter case, could a craftsman with AstrologicalTouched by Magic (a version of the virtue that only works during the four mutable months of the year, see The Mysteries Revised Ed.) use it to craft one Wondrous item / year during three of those four months?

I think that depends on how much paperwork your storyguide is willing to bear.
As a storyguide, I'd give you a chance to change your cyclic bonus into a seasonal one. If it's not a seasonal bonus - there is no bonus to be gained.

In the case of Craftwork , the use of Season is a game mechanic to keep the rules consistent with RAW.
Unless the item has to be crafted in a single season to be Wondrous , then you could work on it ,
during 3 separate months with an Astrologically Mutable Virtue.

It most likely means that you take 3 seasons to do one seasons work ,
as you cant do any other activity that earns you xp in the season that each "mutable" month falls in.
(except for exposure xp)