Working for the crazy old man in the tower [about 5 players]

Campaign Title: Working for the crazy old man in the tower
System: ArM5, Companions only (and not the kind from HoH:TL)

of Players: at least 4, up to 7

Deadline: August 1st
Starting Level: A companion, any age
Advancement Rules: normal
Combat Rules: normal
Dice-Rolling Rules: invisible castle or rpol (majority decides)
Special Rules: Only companion level characters with a maximum of 4 of the ten points spent on virtues/flaws that are in any way supernatural (magical animal companion, death prophesy, lycanthrope, second sight, fairie blood,...)
These books cannot be used: The church, hedge magic, RoP:F/I, legends of hermes, Ancient Magic, Rival Magic
Posting Rate: ideally 1/day, but at least 2/week.
Absences: Absent characters will be taken over by sg; long unexcused absences will lead to retirement/accident
Writing Expectations: Speake English, you?
Text Formatting: direct speech in color, ooc at the bottom of post
Plot- or Character-Driven: Both. Starts with a warm-up story; then you'll get to choose the action
Focus: Companion level game at a winter covenant: You are the guys the blatantly gifted crazy old man in the tower sends to harvest vis, deal with the neighbors etc., He won't come out and help you - ever.
Character Types: typical companions (healers, grog sergeants, teachers, craftsmen, illuminators, administrators, ministrels)

Campaign Description:
You've decided to work for a magus (to escape your enemies, gain a longevity ritual on your 35th birthday, or because you have the magical air flaw, etc). We will do all the things normal Ars Magica characters do - but without magi.

If I have enough players for the game I intend to run (at least 4), I'll take a vote whether we use this forum or rpol.

What's wrong with the concept? No one seems to be interested in a companion only game?!

I love the idea, but am at capacity for games. :frowning:

The idea is intriguing, and I have been mulling a character. The concept is a failed (Tytalus) apprentice who has his deceased parens' ghost as a ghostly warder. (A lab accident led to his parens' demise, and his own Gift being destroyed.) The young man traveled around quite a bit, and developed into something of a rake, enjoying staying one step ahead of trouble. He recently discovered that he has an enemy (as per the flaw): the maga who was the beloved rival of the deceased parens.

I am so far thinking of the following virtues and flaws:
Failed Apprenctice (Would it be okay to have a (low) Magic Theory score?)
Ghostly Warder
Light Touch

Fear of ??? (something related to the lab accident? The ghostly warder would certainly have some choice words about this!)

Curse of Venus or Venus' Blessing might also be appropriate.

Let me know what you think.
I am starting a new job in a couple of weeks, so I may not be able to post daily during August and September, but 2 or 3x per week should be doable.

The concept is okay (and having one player with a bit of MT might be a good idea), but unless there are more players, this will never get off the ground.

According to HoH:S, many Tytalus apprentices fail simply because their egos can't handle the training which is supposed to increase their Confidence score.

I might be up for this, perhaps a young embittered pagan witch driven out of her village by a sudden wave of piety. Or a deformed dwarf whom no one else would employ.

I really like the idea. It sounds like a lot of fun, and it would put an interesting perspective on the social effects of the Gift. But I'm at my limit right now, too.


hi, are you still loking for players? I've got a forester I played in AM 3ed, so i could just convert him into 5ed.


If you don't mind someone who posts more on the once to twice/week schedule, I would love to jump in as the physical brawler companion. I've played a lot of talkers recently and am ready for some tanking for a change.