Working on a faerie friend

Working on a faerie for my pnp troupe. (npc)

All I have is a name and concept, looking for ideas for powers and might.

Basil, Raven, psycopomp to the dying artist

Arrives prior to a poet/artist's death and foretells the coming event. Basil inspires the artist as a muse would, for the explicit purpose to help the artist start his great unfinished work. Basil will egg on the poet, reminding him more and more of the inevitable. When the poet dies, Basil will escort him where he needs to go, but along the way he will offer the poet to stay in Arcadia if he promises to never finish the work.

Sounds like a nice concept. And seems like you already mentioned the central powers, too. ^^

Well you have "Muse" as a virtue in Societas (Jerbiton), I see no reason why his faerie "companion" couldn't take it, too. Add the infiltrator virtue for good measure. :wink:

Then prophecy from RoP: Faerie since you already mention it.
Grant Puissance in performance skill maybe.
The ability to lead someone into or through regios might be another fit.
And Kiss of Forgetfulness to seal the deal (once he agreed).

Maybe a personal power to protect him/itself, say invisibility.
Faerie beast and faerie speech of course.

Rather more cognizant than less I guess.

Thanks, i'll check for those powers. I didn't know if any of the concept were actual powers. Except for Muse.