Wounds & studying

At our game yesterdayevening two of our magi suffered a medium wound. So when i read the descirption at page 179 i see that the study totals are halved. But if a character does not study for 1 month (equal amount) he only loses 1/3 of his study totals (distractions p. 165). So if the character tries his best to make something of the season he misses 1/2, and if he lies relaxed on the couch he loses only 1/3? Or should i read that he misses half of this 1/3, thus 1/6?
Thank you, Thijs

Indeed. This is a bad part of the rules. I suggest you house rule it, allowing magi to work at full efficiency once healed. For simplicity, I would simply allow magi to work only at half the efficiency when wounded - count half the time wounded as a distraction. In your case, the magus would effectively have a distraction of two weeks (half a month) during the season.

Okay, and since they did not have any further distractions, there is no penalty.
Thank you

Yeah, this came up in our campaign very recently too, it's stupid that being wounded for a month and still studying, get's you less study total than just not -doing- anything for a month...

We solved it exactly as YR7 suggested, basically cutting the season into 1/6th chunks per month they remained injured.

Might want to mention this in the "errata" thread- any time two rules mutually contradict each other, it sounds like an errour to me.

Wound Penalty -03 to -05 :
(page 179)

Wound Recovery Interval for a Medium wound is one month.

Distractions page 165

A wound is not an outside event , it has game impact.
Lying relaxed on the couch , for whatever reason , is not an outside event distracting you from study.

The two are mutually exclusive.

If the ST feels that one month with a medium wound is an unfair penalty to study for the whole season ,
then obviously a house rule can be used.