Writing for Atlas Games

One often sees on internet fora disgruntled writers complaining about their experiences writing for rpg companies. I just thought I would take this opportunity to offer a word of unsolicited praise for Atlas Games, for John and Michelle Nephew, and for my editor David Chart on the project I recently worked on for Atlas.

Not only was communication clear, the pay generous and timely, and everything very friendly and supportive, they went out of their way to assist me when I ran in to difficulties, even paying me a little early when I was forced to move house by persistent ill health.

While in fact my experience freelancing for rpg companies has been overwhelmingly positive, and i have so far never encountered any problems, Atlas Games proved themselves supportive far abpve and beyond any usual business practice one might expect. It was a pleasure to work for them, and I wish them every success wih the company and certainly will try to write for them again.

Too often we only hear the negative in the rpg industry, so I felt it important to publically acknowledge their excellent service and kindness.

CJ, one of th authors who worked on The Mysteries Revised.

Thanks, CJ.

We've been blessed with two especially strong years back-to-back, so I'm glad we had the financial wherewhithal to pay early when you needed it. Certainly in years past we've had to ask authors and artists for their patience when we've had trouble paying on time...it's only fair in the big karmic scheme of things for us to do the reverse when we have the ability to do so and one of our freelancers has the need.

I had a good experience working with them, they tended towards flexibility and open communication. My only quip would be about timely response, although I've been a bit slow in some of my correspondence as well.