Writing Summae and Puissant

Salve Sodales!

I approach you today with a little question. If character has Puissant in an ability or art which he is writing a summa from, does Puissant count in determining the maximum level of the summa that he can write?

My guess and wish is that it does not, but I haven't seen (or at least I don't remember having seen) it in RAW. If it is like I guess, I presume that also means that you do not get puissant to training totals or teaching maximum either. This would reduce the advantage of puissant virtue over affinity virtue, which I consider a slight problem.

I believe it somewhere says something that it only affects its use, not any teaching or learning.

Which is why we make it apply to everything. No complaints about that change ever.

Oops, I just realized that what I said above can be understood exactly the opposite way what I ment. I mean that it is a problem that affinity is weaker than puissant. It is no problem that affinity regains some of that lead puissant has over it.

Anyways, thanks for your answer. Even though your answer wasn't RAW either, it is good to get some confirmation that other people think it is like that also, even if you play it differently. :slight_smile:

Check the errata; it has a replacement sentence for this virtue.