Xene of Thessaloniki

Page 95 of CORE, Learning Spells from a teacher.

Ah, I see your point now- I will revise everyone's spells...

Cool. I wouldn't have had a problem with a house rule it just wasn't what I was expecting.

replace the level 5 InVi spell with "restore the faded threads" level 25

and add Posing the silent question to the previous season.

as a side note: I won't be making the adjustment to Constantine's character because the error worked in his favor...

Alright, Xene is updated up to Summer of 1197.

Added those spells, took Acute Sense, the Quaesitor Spell Mastery Special Ability, for Reveal the Magical Deception. It requires "Quaesitor training" but I assume by this point in her apprenticeship that applies. If not, please let me know.

Used Library pass to study the same Perdo Summa, L9Q19
Put exposure for fixing arcane connection into Magic Theory

whether or not she eventually becomes a quaesator, it is what she is being trained for.

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1197 Summer Adventure XP: Put 4xp in Code of Hermes and 3xp in Infernal Lore
1197 Autumn: Taught Trust of Childlike Faith and Dissolving the Wall of Shields
1197 Winter Library Pass: Intellego Summa L13 Q16
1198 Spring Library Pass: Mentem Summa L11 Q20
1198 Summer: Helped in Lab on InMe project, Exposure to MT

Alright, Xene is updated up to this point. Still working on the move but figured so you weren't waiting on this I'd just bang this out early this morning when I can't really be moving stuff around out of consideration for my downstairs neighbors.

I'll Update Apollon when I can. Might not be until late this week though.

the adventure was fall of 1197, your seasons are off by 1...
in winter 1198 you are taught summoning the distant image and eyes of the eagle
spring and summer of 1198 you have a library pass, fall of 1198 you assist in an InMe lab, and then are taught more spells.

Then by my estimation I have another season in there before the adventure to account for.

Which takes us to Autumn of 1196

Here's the breakdown I see there:
1195 Autumn: Taught Frosty Breath, etc.
1195 Winter: InCo Lab help, 2 exposure
1196 Spring: Library, studied Perdo
1196 Summer: InVi Lab Help, 2 exposure
1196 Autumn: Taught Spells (Reveal..., etc.)
1196 Winter: Library (Perdo)
1197 Spring: Fix Arc. Conn.

Did I miss a season in my many rereads of those two posts I quoted?

Winter 1196 you assisted in an InVi lab, spring 1197 you had a library pass, summer 1197 you fixed an arcane connection.
The fault may be mine in reading my own chart, I may have skipped a line.

Ah. Cool Will update the character.

Put the 2 exposure in Winter 1196 in Intellego. Does not muck about with scores during the adventure.

Fixed the intervening seasons.

Spring 1199 Studied Vim Summa L11Q18
Summer 1199 Studied Intellego Summa L13Q16
Autumn 1199 Assist in Lab (InMe) exposure to Intellego

Xene, updated to this point.

spells taught: The Good witness (HOH:YL p 73) and whispering fingers (apprentices p 48)
You then have one season of library pass before the tribunal.

So in preparation for Xene's gauntlet, are we using the debating rules from HoH:S p90? If so, she has at least some score in all the possible abilities except Leadership, could she use that season to be trained or taught in Leadership? That particular skill might be found less in the academic school "side" of the covenant than the martial school "side" of the covenant though if there is someone who is a good debater having them teach her would probably be more appropriate even if their actual score in Leadership is lower.

If we aren't using those rules or if there is an alteration to them that would also be useful to know.

We will be mixing those rules with actual roleplaying. Learning leadership you have a choice- you can be trained by someone with leadership:4 on the military side, or taught by a tutor with leadership:3, keeping in mind that this is near the end of recruiting so you will probably not get 1 on 1 attention with the tutor.

I’ll go with the Tutor. I doubt she would get to Leadership 3, 30xp, in one season even with Apt Pupil and having IC reason for taking a specialty in debate would be good.

Side note: if you have never looked at it I highly recommend taking a look at the Duel of Wits mechanic in Burning Wheel for an RP centric debate mechanic that works well. My friend and I tried to cobble together something more like it for Ars but we failed as there are a bunch of ways one can use skills in that system that don’t really work under Ars, particularly Fields of Related Knowledge where if you have secondary skills relevant to the particular matter at hand there is a bonus to your normal die roll but that’s just not something in the ruleset of Ars.

that will give a SQ:14 before your virtue