Xene of Thessaloniki

as per PM discussion, this character is approved

I think I’ve got her History sorted.

Xene and her twin brother, Zeno, were born to a poor shoemaker with far too many children to feed. Zeno was well liked and helped compensate for the unease Xene gave everyone else and she was so close to him. when they were just six Zeno became gravely ill, lingering for over a month and every day she went to the church to pray that he get better, pleading and bargaining with god or saints, anyone who would listen. other than those visits to the church and sometimes talking about God with the priest she rarely left her brother’s side so it was no surprise when she was there as his eyes opened and he seemed alert and healthy, a glow on his face as he looked at her and said “I feel so much better Xene. I love you.” and lay peacefully back and died. Xene knew that god had fulfilled her prayers, ended his suffering and brought him to heaven where he would live eternally. It was then that she knew devoting herself to the glory and service of god was her calling and after her brother was buried she told her parents that she was joining a convent. Speaking to her priest it was determined the only convents set up to accept and teach one so Young were convents that had an orphanage attached.

Her time at the convent was difficult, new and strict rules compounded by the unease her gift caused both in the sisters and the other children. But There were bright spots too, Sister Agata’s stories of the Saints, Singing with her new sisters, the feeling of closeness to god she felt within the walls of the convent, and Sister Eleni’s words of wisdom, comfort, and friendship. After she had been at the convent for a few years Eleni brought her to meet a visitor, a wealthy woman who exuded an unmistakable self-control, almost nobility. This woman examined her as a person buying a horse might examine the horse then asked her a few questions which somehow slipped from Xene’s mind as soon as they were answered. Then they lied to her, they said she was being sent to a larger convent which could handle teaching a young novitiate as special as she was. There was never any doubt, as soon as the interview was concluded she was told to pack what little she had and, saying farewell to Eleni, they went to the docks and boarded a ship that seemed like it had been waiting just for them.

Xene’s first time at sea was quite exciting but after her initial curiosity at Polyaigos, it was quite evident that this was not a convent.

She put the 5 Adventure XP into Charm.

Xene Spends the first "Library Pass" Season Studying the L13 Q16 Intellego Summa.

The second "Library Pass" Season studying the L11 Q18 Vim Summa..

The "Library/Lab Pass" Season inventing Invisible Eye Revealed at level 15 and Sense the Nature of Vis, both with lab texts, then having a little time (read lab total) left over designs Sense of Magical Power without a lab text (InVi2). Her InVi LT is 26, 15 for Invis Eye, 5 for Sense Nature of Vis, and 2 doubled to 4 for Sense of the Magical Power. I imagine her practicing with the low level effects is quite frustrating as her Spontaneous Magic is affected by the Chaotic Magic flaw.

During her seasons spent in the lab, may she allocate some or all of that exposure to Covenant Lore: Polyaigos? I'd rather not end my apprenticeship with just 2 xp hanging out in that ability and no score to show for it.

covenant lore would be fine

Alright, for the season I invent my own spells I will take 1 in MT and 1 in Cov Lore: Polyaignos and the season I am assisting in the lab I will take 2 xp in Cov Lore: Polyaigos.

Xene is updated to beginning of Summer of 1193.

from the tribunal of 1193:
tutor philosophae (SQ:20)
teach corpus (SQ:21)
tutor magic theory (SQ:20)
library pass
teach imagonem (SQ:21)
tutor teaching (SQ:20)
library pass
library pass
teach spells- this is fall 1195, once you have advanced to this point I can determine what spells you can be taught.

Is there "adventure" xp from the tribunal?

knew I was forgetting something- 5 xp (noted in adventure thread)

Alright. Xene is updated (still need to update her season log but that's a different page of the wiki).

Added 5 adventure xp to Intrigue. Figured that was fitting for a Tribunal
Used two library seasons to study the L9Q21 Creo summa and one to study the L13Q16 Intellego summa.

Gonna update the season log in a moment.

your top two dates on your sheet say 1194 instead of 1195....
in fall of 1195 he utilizes an early riser lab schedule and teaches you both frosty breath of the spoke lie and sight of the transparent motive
you then assist in an InCo lab for a season, followed by a season with a library pass, and then a season assisting in an InVi lab.
followed by another season of learning spells.

Xene is updated to this point.

Added 2xp to Corpus while assisting on InCo
Read Perdo Summa, L9Q19
Added 2xp to Intellego (increased to 10) while assisting on InVi

Date error corrected.

he teaches reveal the magical deception and sense the nature of vis
the next season you get another library pass, followed by a season fixing an arcane connection in the lab
followed by adventure

She already knows Sense the Nature of Vis, it was one of the spells she invented way back when.

Also, where is Sense the Magical Deception found? Didn't see it in InVi or InIm in CORE or in HoH:TL (Guernicus chapter).

EDIT: Also, can I take the Acute Sense Mastery Ability found in Guernicus section of HoH:TL?

in that case it will be the scales of vis spell
its in guardians of the Forest, p. 21

I don't know Minos' stats but the amount of spells seems rather low considering when teaching spells by RAW I learn total spell levels based on his highest applicable art combination (there can be more than one art combination) and a max number of levels in any particular art combination limited by Xene's lab total for that art combo.

If there's a relevant House rule and I forgot, let me know.

you learn spells based on your total for those arts. in this case In+Vim+Int+magic theory+3+mentor's int+mentor's magic theory. which was 33

Are you saying that's the function by RAW or this is your house rule? Because that is most definitely not RAW.

how do you read the RAW here and where are you finding it?