yearly planning chart

also all the extra labs (guest and vis extraction) will have been set up in 1144, so there is no need to work on them in 1145.


It's either adventure or other xp?

Osias will take adventure XP in spring and exposure (1 teaching, 2x MT) for the other seasons.

Edit: just completed the sentence.

correct, you need to choose the xp source. If you are in multiple adventures the xp from adventures stack as if they were a single adventure (except if you have independent learner, in which case the +3 bonus is per adventure, before stacking)

Wait, Indepent Study only adds +3, total, to a season with multiple adventures, right? Not per individual adventure in such a season?

no, +3 per adventure

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Ok, I am pretty sure that you had ruled differently a long time ago, I’ll see if I can locate.

This means Sandor and Danaë have both earned hundreds, Danaë maybe nearly 1000 extra xp, as I only counted it once every season of multiple adventures. Gloriana has the same Virtue and even she may well have earned a 100 extra xps.

Honor will not be able to benefit from reading "Improving your confidence" as he does not have a magical might...

Hi, eldarin!

Question: was just now in the Google sheet, and noticed Osias is teaching Affinity w/Magic Theory. How does that work? It's not a Hermetic Virtue, but a General one. I know that after 10 years of Teaching/training her Apprentice will learn a House Virtue automatically, but that's not what's happening at the moment, right?


Just checked the character sheet, Honor has 4(Aq) Might listed.

Good point. I was just following the learning path thompsja had layed out. I personally never played with teaching any virtues, so I had no reason to question it.

Re: teaching Affinity with Magic Theory: Silveroak answered this in the character development thread: [url]]

Hey, that’s pretty sweet! Thanks, I had missed that discussion.

My mistake, I was forgetting that Honor was a magical being, mistook him for one of the kids...

we need the following filled in for 1145:
Bravery: autumn and winter
Osias: winter
Stripes: Autumn
Danae: all seasons

Danaë is done!

we have quite a few people need to have their plans through 1146

Welcome back, silveroak, hope you are recovering well! I'll get to work on the characters I handle, see if I can recover the impetus.

Should get to my update this weekend.

Done for my characters!