yearly planning chart ... sp=sharing

If everyone would insert plans for the characters they control for at least 1100 AD, as well as any plans they wish various grogs to partake in before we roll adventures... I realize we aren't quite to the starting point but it will help things get moving when we get there.

Are there any seasons you are going to reserve for story reasons?

No, the season a story occurs in depends on whether it is player initiated (in which case you choose) or random- in which case it is rolled after you make your plans.

You mentioned us initiating stories....what would we initiate stories for - is that if we want to bring in new companions, get another apprentice? Does finding familiars require a story? Can we go for mystery initiations (not a problem for my apprentice yet, but the person playing the elder Bjornaer might want to)

Stories you might start is anything any of your characters might be seeking that would require a story- finding a mystagogue, searching for ancient sources of knowledge, exploring the faerie region, trying to recruit companions for a specific position within the covenant, establishing agents... if you have a mystagogue and want to initiate a mystery I will put up an advancement thread soon to discuss these goals individually- when I close this thread (I want it to be the link and explanations of intent following questions) and open another for that purpose.

In case it was not clear, game play proceeds from the chart- I'm not going to try and keep track of a series of semi-random posts to follow the development of characters and the covenant. If you feel you are ready to start playing then you need to fill in your character's plans...

Erm... how do you edit it?

In my experience, unless I set it up wrong somehow, you simply click on the link, edit the sheet, then click share when you are done...

.. okay, apparently I hadn't set the sharing properties correctly...

I put in my first two seasons, assuming we don't already have our own lab otherwise I haven't done my first two seasons.

Good point - Taurus when I created him took out 2 seasons outfitting a lab, so definitely has one.

Oh crap - I'll need to redo Aurthor's year and not take an apprentice straight off then.

My companion has put in 2 seasons of exposure to his day job, and 2 seasons of reading a mundane text. How do we go about a companion wanting to get a mundane book copied so he has something to read? Can we let our unGifted lawyer read about the Code of Hermes to act as our legal counsel at tribunal?

Yes and no- he can certainly read the book and advise, but he will not generally be recognized by the council and would not be allowed to make arguments before it (unless that is the outcome of a story...special benefit)

Everyone Is assumed to start with a furnished lab, there is no need to spend 2 seasons on setting it up.
If your magic theory is 4+ you could spend a season refining it...

If Gabriele wishes to become better acquainted with the area around Locri, can he spend the year practicing Area Lore: Locri and Survival? ArM pg 164 indicates that two abilities can be practiced, and the second bullet point gives a source quality of 5-7. How much experience would you expect each season?

First of all if experience is being split between two things in one season then it is based on the lower score, which would be 4 for survival. Area lore practiced by itself would depend- Gabrielle must work 2 seasons a yea, and has one "nominal" season off and one true season off- the distinction only applies when a task needs to be completely independent of their work (for example to take a class or travel away from where you must work)- studying area lore is one of these distinctions- a nominally free season gets a source quality of 5, a truly free season gets a source quality of 7.
Offhand my impression would be that an entertainer would have a truly free season in the fall, when everyone is harvesting, and a nominally free season in spring or summer...

This isn't really a seasonal activity, but a scribe should be sent to the tribunal library with sufficient vis to get some copies of the roots of the arts listed on the wiki.

The scribe would probably choose summer and winter for that activity if given a choice, so long as there is no writing at the covenant itself he needs to tend to.
Of course you can have all the primers delivered for 18 vis and send your scribe to copy some of the more significant books at 1 pawn per season of transcription...

Yeah do that as well

Got Aegis's seasons detailed. I assume no one else wants training in pottery? She can get 1 or 6xp from it depending on if Apt Student counts for being trained.

May I request we get the scribe working on "Authority and control", the rego summa? I would like to prioritise Techniques over Forms to begin with. I would also ask that from the mundane libraries we order some of Aristotle's metaphysics - the Faerie Lore and Magic Lore may come in handy soon and they only cost 1 lb of silver each.

For primers - who else is starting to train an apprentice? It will be a year or two before they start needing to read primers, and as long as we have a couple of primers I'll be happy.