yearly planning chart

Presumably we can add extra seasons to the chart if we're in a position where we have a decent idea of what our seasons will be?

yes, and any past the current year's activities may be edited as plans get changed (for example to make up for a season lost to unexpected adventure)

Camilla is starting in 1100. Don't know when her Latin and Artes Liberales will become sufficient, though. That's up to her parens, as is whether she spends time in the library.

Quite Possibly a Cat, what season should I assign to Camilla for her Arts to be opened?

I see someone put x's in each season, which confuses me... But it's easy to fix.

silveroak, who chooses where to put experience for an apprentice when there is a choice despite the activity being assigned? For example, if you're assisting your parens creating a CrCo spell, points could be put in Creo, Corpus, or Magic Theory (or presumably Latin) as exposure. Who would choose how many would be placed in each of those? Thanks.

I put x's because Camilla had been added without a season being set up to find an apprentice, figuring she would simply be recruited soon. If she was being added in 1100 that needed to be declared on the planning sheet before I rolled up the 1100 adventures- now she will have to wait until 1101.

To the rest of the question, where there is a subjective option, it goes to the person playing the character- you can choose what you learn in terms of exposure, or reallocating teaching experience to Latin, etc. The instructor can assign books or decide the main topic of teaching.

It had been declared before the rolls, just the player had missed the post and so didn't put the recruiting in for the parens. But I'll just wait.

I was planning on doing some lab prep before the apprenticeship. I can recruit at the start of the next year though.

It should all be OK; one year won't matter much in the end anyway. Go ahead with your plan.

I go by what is on the chart, not what is declared somewhere buried in the posts.

As I've said, I'm OK and we can move on. But this reveals a potential problem going forward:

As the creator of the parens, we're not running the parens. That means we're not supposed to choose the seasons for the parens. However, we are supposed to choose the year we start apprenticeship. So to me your comment feels like you're saying, "You did what I said to do, which is why I'm not paying attention to it." So it doesn't happen to others in the future, how do you want people to choose the year their apprentice starts without assigning seasons for the parens they don't control?

Essentially I am expecting the person who controls the parens to honor your request for your starting year. I will also try and do a better job in the future of double checking this- The first year was a bit crazy as I am still finishing up some of the pre-game issues...

I'm OK with it, so we're all good.

On that note, though, is it OK if I jump 30 years ahead for a moment to write in the season when Andros goes searching for his apprentice so I don't lose track? That way it will be there waiting for me when we get 30 years into the future.

Yes, you can write in ahead.

OK. I'll do that.

As I do so, I'm trying to see if I can simplify the years. Excel allows for custom formats, so you can have a number with a unit, such as "Spring." Then you just keep adding 1 to what's four cells above it after formatting the first four. Google Sheets don't appear to work quite as well, but maybe I can figure it out.

Edit: I can get this to work pretty easily now, but it always puts commas in. For instance, this will give "1,120" Spring instead of "1120 Spring" as I wanted. If no one cares about the comma, that might be viable. I'm going to play with custom dates now and give myself one last chance for a perfect solution.

Edit: I can get it to print without the comma by using a custom date. But then the math won't work. The problem is that someone thought they were being clever when coding things to do math with dates, looking for dates that don't match 19## or 20## and adjusting, figuring the date was being recorded from one of these century markers. So if I put in 1120, I get a date in the 3000s. That could create real problems for someone doing historical or genealogical work. Essentially, the coders outsmarted themselves. They should have looked for a two-digit year when doing shifts, excluding four-digit years. Oh, well.

So it looks like we need to have the comma if we want it to do the math for us. Otherwise it's lots of editing by hand. Thoughts? Preferences?

Latest edit: Or, if no one minds, I can just turn the date column into two columns, one for the year and one for the season. That will be trivial to implement and will save us lots of editing. If everyone's OK with that, I'll move ahead with it.

I'm ok with you editing it however you like, I had similar thoughts about the customization of excel however I have no desire to do it myself.

Can't say I like Google sheets, but they work on google drive without it giving you conniption fits.
Its easier to use cut and paste/find and replace - math functions in google sheets are not, in my experience, worth messing with.

If I do it with two columns, it's really trivial. It would take me about 2 minute to fill in 100 years of dates and seasons, though for brevity just 30 now. Extending it further is just copying cells downward. Nothing more to it. No crazy math going on with this method.

I already did it in under a minute with cut and paste/find and replace

everyone should have posted their plans through 1101 shortly...

Gabriele's plan will depend in some part on how the adventure with the townsfolk goes ...
I'll finish Taurus plans later today.