yearly planning chart

Andros is all set.

QPaC, I'm assuming I should put down some instruction in Latin in those two gap seasons and that whoever is training Camilla will put teaching down. But you're the one in charge of assigning her tasks while she's an apprentice.

Silveroak, what do you consider reasonable places to put experience from exposure during a season in which your Arts are opened? I figure Latin is the most likely, but perhaps Magic Theory or Organization Lore: Order of Hermes.

Latin, Magic Theory, Magic Lore, organization lore(Order of Hermes), any social skill or language you could be exposed to in the covenant (Itallian, Arabic, Greek, French)...

Probably any art as well.

Not arts. Opening the gift specifically states that it opens at all 0's, so presumably the arts cannot be learned while being opened. Other lab seasons (after opening) you can gain exposure in the arts being used if so desired.

OK, am up to date. Anna will have two seasons learning Latin & Artes Lib from the tutor (let me know when you've had enough!), more magic theory from me, and one season free while I'm busy reading a summa.

I'll always take more teaching from the tutor. Well, at least until she's hit the limit. Of course, that's gonna be pretty soon. How many people are taking tutor lessons anyway? The SQ is 21 even if its a whole class of kids for Anna. That apt student is crazy.

Also note, Aurthor has enough SQ on his teaching to teach Anna all his Hermetic Virtues.

I've updated Anna to 1101. Can the apprentices access the library? I don't think Anna can read well enough anyway.

Whether they can access the library and when would be a question for the council thread. They do have to have Latin:4 and Artes Liberales:1 to gain experience from reading. Remember that classroom experience from a Latin class may be diverted (up to 50%) to artes Liberales and teaching....
I notice that both Camilla ad Anna do not have their seasonal activities filled out. I will complete these tomorrow if they are not finished by then.

I asked QPaC about that for Camilla about 7 posts ago.

I haven't heard back yet.

I missed that. I was intending to let them be up to you/Camilla. Call it the benign neglect method of teaching. Actually, I strongly recommend practicing Latin (being taught) since Evan doesn't speak Arabic! Or as far as I know anyone else at the covenant. I put in Latin practice, but feel free to change it

Got Anna's in. Good to know about converting Latin xp into teaching and Artes Lib. Those delicious 21xp seasons...

I am updating Taurus and Gabriele for 1100. (Assuming that since adventures for 1101 are posted, that now is the time.
I will make the rolls for Gabriele's agent impressing later tonight if I can.
Regarding Taurus' lab refinement: Do you want us to roll for Highly Organized and Spotless? Also, is there any exposure experience for refining one's lab?

We have a teacher, right? That would be better than practice. Practice wouldn't get her far enough very quickly, certainly not far enough for his intended teaching you've posted.

The problem is the teacher doesn't speak Arabic either.

For some reason I'm thinking you need a 3 in a common language to be taught, but I can't find that now. You could just squeak by if you specialized your Latin in being taught.

Silveroak what's the minimum score in a shared language to teach someone?

In reality, that's not necessary at all. A language teacher must speak the language they're teaching, not the language of the student.

You can't teach a student without communicating with them. At least not without taking severe penalties.

I'm not denying that. But communicating in a language they already know is not only not necessary, but I know a lot of teachers of foreign languages who focus in teaching beginners, and among them there is a lot of preference for avoiding communicating in the known language.

To keep things moving, I rolled for Highly Organized: CoyoteCode #149044: 5 + 2 Intelligence + 6 MT = 13. Highly Organized virtue gained.

In terms of the rules of Ars Magica this is not explicitly spelled out the closest inference is from Artes and Acadame on page 96 which states that studying academic subjects can include points put into Latin, presumedly because the classes are taught in Latin, so even students who do not know Latin are able to learn from the class. Certainly a person's original language is learned without a common language, and language is not the only form of communication, so there is no need to know a common language to learn a new language. In fact those who run in scholarly circles in the covenant can learn latin through exposure- though if it is learned this way it will not be as quick and the experience cannot be divided into multiple abilities.
On the other hand there are several Grogs who speak Arabic within the covenant.

Other questions- yes roll for spotless and highly organized.
refining or otherwise improving a lab results in exposure experience.

If Anna could get her plans on the chart, there are those amongst the grogs whose plans literally revolve around what the magi and their apprentices have planned.

Done. Also added in Aegis for 1102.

Added Aurthor's for the coming year.

Do we have any scribe availability soon? I was thinking of writing a Creo Tractatus, and having my apprentice work alongside the scribe to get training xp in Profession: Scribe. The book will make a useful [strike]bribe for evandrus[/strike] addition to the covenant library, and soon Aurthor needs a longevity ritual (I think he starts aging this year, but I am willing to wait a year to get help with a longevity ritual)