Yedidah ex Miscellanea

For discussion of the creation and advancement of Yedidah ex Miscellanea

Virtues: the gift, hermetic magus, holy magic, kabalah, craft automata, inventive genius, affinity with rego, affinity with mentum, sense holiness and unholiness, educated Hebrew
flaws: chaotic magic, exciting experimentation, unpredictable magic, wierd magic, vulnerable magic (While within 50 paces of an angel), carefree (minor), outsider [still trying to decide on what group that should go here. I definitely am pretty sure the order of hermes simply tolerates me if at all by this list...]

I consider LoH a "fluff" book and do not generally accept virtues and flaws (or spells) from the fluff books.

Okay. You got a list of fluff books so I can keep a look out for that and find a suitable replacement?

Hermetic magi and legends of hermes- transforming mythic Europe and Hermetic projects requires review, some of what is in there is good but I would not rely upon it. Mythic locations is one I technically consider fluff but I don't know that there is anything in it that is of use to a player to the point of worrying about it.

Kabbalah and inventive genius for the virtues. Chaotic magic for the flaw. I will make that edit real quick.

no, just gave the complete list

what are your tradition virtues and flaws within ex miscelania?
The Kabbalah virtue require the educated (Hebrew) virtue, which you do not have.