Yes, We Still Have Tables!

Someone recently asked if we still allowed tables, since all of his tables in his PbP game had gotten messy inexplicably. The answer is YES! The codes just changed slightly when I recently added a whole bunch of other formatting options to those available; "tablewithborder" changed to "tableborder", specifically. The older code is still in the system and I thought was still viable, it's just not visible when editing/creating posts. If you're having problems, likely editing that code will fix it, though. Sorry for any trouble this may have caused.

To see the current tables examples, go to the bottom of the page at

It would appear that many of the bb codes no longer work- I know specifically that I have tried using the strike code with no effect.

Thanks. I was wondering if they'd all still work. I'll look into a plug-in to add them back, since that will mess up previous posts if it's not working.