Yet Another Character Sheet

Salve y'all,

Well, yet another saga has started and died, leaving me with little to do but make more character sheets!

My last Fifth Edition sheet had a "modern" feel aimed at D&D 3.5 escapees..I promised a more mythical version to come, so here it is: my "Medieval" flavored 5e sheet.

Truth be told, I've spent a lot more time making sheets in Metacreator for ArM, so maybe I can get the green light to post those. But if you're using pen and paper, I'd love feedback on this one. Link below.

Best regards,

wow! Thanks!

Very nice! But is it intended that you have two Ars Magica logos on top of each other on the front page?

I also like it very much however you've got a spot on page 3 for a multiple casting bonus which doesn't exist in Ars 5. There;s also a spot for "determining effect" I can't imagine what this could be.

On the first page would there be any way to separate confidence score and confidence points into two lines rather than just having a single line for confidence?

Anything else would be very minor, but as long as I'm going, here's a petty thing that might make the sheet better for use. The warping score would be better listed as score + xp like the arts and abilities are.

Don't let my criticism obscure my thanks.

Thanks for the feedback, Erik. I'll see what I can do about working your suggestions in.

Wolf, make sure you're using Acrobat 6 or later to view the sheet - I exploit Acrobat's layering functions these days and if you use something else to view the sheet all the layers are turned on at the same time.


That spot has been on the Ars character sheets for years. Although I dont recall ever seeing it used in play nor being readily able to find reference to it in the core book, my understanding was that this is used when a magus, engaged in spell combat wants to try to guess what his opponent is casting as he is casting in order to fast cast a response. I was sure there was something written on that somewhere in the books.

Anyways, looks great as usual MI! Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, it makes sense now. That's a fine number to put on the sheet.