Yet Another.....

Yes. It's another character sheet thread. I see a chance to get my ars saga limping along again, and i want new character sheets, but i want to make my own. And so, after taking ideas from several sources (mostly mad irishman and a warhammer sheet), my work is complete.

Or is it.

I've probably made some foolish mistakes, which my own hubris prevents me from seeing. So any critisism is welcome. Save me from looking a fool in front of my players.;11232288;/fileinfo.html

Well, we can't help you with the fool part, but we can help with the sheet...

edit..huh? won't let me D/L it.

Um, i don't know why not. works ok for me :frowning:

It downloaded OK for me...

On page 1, bottom right how about adding a description of how the character looks, so that the SG can always introduce them properly?

On page 3, where you list the magical arts, how about adding a new column for Vis?

I think the enchanted device section needs to be wider - you need to know quite a bit about the device, Penetration, trigger etc.

On the familiar section you need some type of vertical line seperating the statistics from the Bond powers.
Also a section saying what animal the familiar is.

(Why do you have familiar statistics? Don't they have their own character sheet?)

That's it for the basics. Others are just things that I would need for myself:
Enemies - name, reason and threat level
Books owned/written - Name, subject, level, quality.
Favours owed - Name, reason
ToDo - Story hooks, important appointments/activities etc. it's hard to dig through a pile of notes to find out what your tribunal fine was.

A page of Mundane information:
Mundane name, Profession, Home town, properties owned, income, spouse/dependants, workshop/study, apprentices, Labour points etc.

Actually it would be really nice if there was a character sheet in C&G that covered a place of work in a town...

Thats what the space was intended for, so players could write a description, or draw a portrait if they feel artistic. I suspect it'll be used as safe place to put cups, but at least i tried.

I really should have done that 1st time. Fixed.

Wider isn't really an option, my word/excel skills aren't good enough, but bigger is. Fixed as best i can.

Seperating line added, species line added. And yes, familiars really should have their own character sheet, especially with all the detail RoP:M has added. But i couldn't think of anything else to put there, so it got included. It may be of use.

Lol, i'm trying to keep it down to 2+2 sheets, so another page for general use isn't going to happen. I'd maybe do one if a player needed it, but most likely the information wouldn't take up enough space to make another page worthwhile.

Thanks for the feedback. New sheet (well, only page 3 changed) uploaded for further critisism. ... einfo.html

doesn't really need a bigger enchanted device section. Last year I gave Atlas specially dedicated sheets just for enchanted devices that can be downloaded here: ...

While the zip file contains Word versions, the best is to have adobe acrobat.

I can also send them by email to whoever wants some. There is a fillable form version for acrobat that is easier to fill/update on the comp and then print as needed. Atlas cant distribute that one due to font concerns.

Books read is really handy to know too...especially Tractatus that can only be read once.

Whose Lab Texts you have translated (and to what level) is useful too.

Added a "Character Type" heading to page 1. Easier to see if it's a companion, grog, mythic companion, etc.

Added "- Enc" to the casting total calculations on page 3. I was calculating stuff wrong when using them as a guideline.

Simplified the familiar section. As already mentioned, it should have it's own character sheet.

Deleted the enchanted items section. I couldn't devote enough space to it to do it properly, and Boxer has already done sheets for this task.

Added a "Tractatus Read" section. Possibly far too small.;11299691;/fileinfo.html

Another update. hopefully the last.

Changed characteristics so that Pre and Com were before Str and Stm. I'm not sure what edition that change happened, i'd never noticed.

Added form bonus to magic totals.;11368903;/fileinfo.html

yet another....
corrected spelling of personality
Changed ÷ to /. my printer isn't good enough to clearly distinguish between ÷ amd +. ... einfo.html

Massive necrobump. I was having a "you show me yours, i'll show you mine" with a friend regarding home-made character sheets, when i discovered that filefront had deleted mine. Waited until i could check if changes would be needed for LoM (not really, though was tempted with damage types, evasion, and interrupting actions). So now i've uploaded v1.5. No useful changes, just made it a single pdf (rather than 4 seperate). ... t_v1.5.pdf

Thank you, neat.

Recently had a problem where myself and players kept forgetting about Form Bonus. Seems like it needs to be added to my character sheet. And so, another sporadic update (tbh, i'm not happy with the way i did it. It does the job, but looks kinda ugly). ... t_v1_6_pdf