Yet more form and material bonuses

OK, Chains. I can't find an entry in the form and material bonuses for them. Is there one?

If not

Based on Rope or cord
+2 strangulation
+4 restraint or binding

What else is inherently chain like?

I'd be tempted to knock the restraint up and drop the strangulation entirely. After all putting someone "In chains" is well established, but strangulation via chain isn't (although it'd be brutally effective).

Maybe just like a slightly weaker version of shackles
+5 restraint or binding

I thought you'd 'clap' people in chains? [size=85](implying a shackle, to me anyway)[/size]

I'd probably just point you to shackles to be honest, and then ask what maetial they were made of (probably iron).