You ever have one of THOSE moments....?

One of those moments that seems to define a gaming session, and will more than likely be repeated in the future and become an in joke?

A perfect example being last night. Our characters have just had another Magi join the covenant. This event caused the players (in character of course) to spend quite a while discussing ways to integrate new magi into the covenant structure, including vis allotment, votes at council, seasons of service to the covenant, accommodation and such like. Finally agreeing to let the new magi join their covenant, they explained the rules, he signed the covenanat and there were welcomes all round.

This immediately followed by the Flambeau saying "Welcome to the Covenant of Brunnaburgh, now lets go kill the local baron"

The local baron of course being trussed up, half naked and severely beaten in their courtyard at the time. (long story, he entirely had it coming).

It was just one of those moments.

Anyone else had one of those classic moments, brilliant one liners, witty comebacks that defined an evening?

Countless moments.
Our group has been playing together on and off for over 20 years. We've got a million of them.

We have this one guy who misspells everything on his char sheet. So we always have a dagger of "return to welder" show up (poor welder, just sitting there working on metal, when STAB! - gets hit by a dagger), or a potion of invincibility (supposed to be invisibility)...

The laughs never stop.

The shieldgrogs were ordered to dig up a hole for a corpse while the Reco master was flying around, watching a fast nearing enemy. The foest inw hich the grogs were was a darka nd misty place full of ghosts and dark fearies.
Because he wanted to warn the group quickly the magus teleports to te grogs with their shovels ... and BAMM one hit his face after he appears suddenly next to one of the grogs.
This story is 10 ingame years old but the poor grog Peter Nagy is still suffering the daily tirture of the ReCo master: "Come on eat your hand, eat your hand!"

Our group has been gaming on and off for 20 odd years now as well and we to have a million one liners. I think this may be the main reason I game, to come up with zingers. Seriously.

One of my recent favorites has a moment of crass profanity which I will blank but for the sake of our younger audiances I'll also include a large space:

My brothers character (Osco)owns a cursed sword that is starting to cause him more trouble than it's worth. Currently the character is chained to a wall so that he can be prevented from causing more harm to the people around him. My friend introduces his new character by entering the room and saying this:

Stranger: "You are the one with the cursed sword? For a price I can tell you the answer."

Osco: "How about I let you live?"

Stranger: "How about you give me those boots? Those are nice boots."

Osco: "Touch my feet and I'll cut yours off."

Stranger: "Can you get me boots like the ones you wear? Never underestimate the importance of good boots."

Osco: "I guess I can steal a pair."

Stranger: "Very well. You must take the cursed sword and cut a stone from a church. Then you much find a virgin and have her BLANK on the stone. This stone must then be placed in the hands of a dead child before he is given the last rights and buried. The child must hold the stone while the last rights are given and he must be buried with the stone on consecrated ground. Then you and the sword must hold vigil over the grave for a seasons time!"

"Many spirits will approach you, the sword will tempt you to leave the childs side. You must not do this! This endeavor you see, is very difficult!"

Osco: "Yeah... I don't know any virgins."

LOL, after all that work.

Sadly the only virgin I knew was a welder and was killed by a freak dagger accident.

And buried with the local Baron...

My Bjornair player is walking along in the forest, in his Deer form. Along his travels he stumbles across a boy walking with his pet (faerie) wolf.

PC (forgetting he is in his heartbeast): "Hi, my name is Patrick O'Hannigan."

The Wolf: "WTF, a talking deer?"

PC: "OMG A TALKING WOLF!" and he just bolts, scared out of his wits.

We have yet to let him live that one down.

In last nights session two guys, both with low languages scores are alone and come across a murder. One guy said to the next, "I think a black ghost did this."

Guy two botched his speak language roll and HEARD, "I think your handsome."

To which Guy Two awkwardly answered, "Thank you?"

That was a great moment.

We had tons of funny moments of the years. One of my favorites was when my wizard was under a curse where he'd turn into a flesh eating ghoul (an arabic faerie) and he'd do...what ghouls do. He had taken a number of grogs with him on a mission to end the curse and made special conditions for how he was to sleep so he couldn't escape. One morning my magus wakes up to find himself outside of the coach, bound in iron and buried up to his chin in salt, with all of the Grogs surrounding him with iron tipped spears. They looked pretty scared, so finally one of them asked:

"Master? You said you were going to smash open our skuls and eat our brains and then crack open our bones and suck out the marrow. Are you a flesh eater? Are you a ghoul?" To which I responded as I started freeing myself:

"Men, I'm not going to lie to you...Let's get going."

My game uses characters 20 yeqrs out of apprenticeship (21 now). None of my players has played an ars magica character this powerful before. 3 of my four players have not played the game before (part of the idea of setting them up with older characters was to demonstrate the advancement rules). This has lead to some humor.

Victor: I don't suppose that you could change small animals into horses instead of cows so that we could get where we're going more quickly?

Alfred: No, Spontaineous magic is much less powerful than formulaic. In order to do that I'd need to have a Muto Animal total of... huh...OK one batch of horses comming up.

A second incident

Jordain: If there were only some way to open the locks on these chests.

Disembodied voice of the Story guide drifting across the room: Don't you have a rego score in the 20's?