Your favourite spell?

What is your favourite spell in the game? The one that you find extremely useful, charismatic, makes you drool or think high heights or you simply find to be great for any other reason. It can be a spell that none of your characters have ever had :slight_smile:

Just curious :slight_smile:


Out Like a Light (ReMe20) R:Voice D:Sun T:Ind
Targeted individual falls asleep and can not be woken by any stimulus, unless violently shaken or struck. If the target is woken, through violence or magic, they will return to sleep a moment later. After the spell duration has passed the targets may be woken normally.
(Base 4, Voice +2, Sun +2)

The mind mage's general purpose "take care of anyone" spell. Leave people where they drop (maybe with a quick Loss of a Moment's Memory so they dont know what happened), drag them away for future interrogation/alteration, or smother them in their sleep. Almost any target will be helpless if you get a single casting through, and there is almost no risk of collateral damage. Also comes in a group version and a version with Sight range.

I didn't reply myself, doh!

For me it would be Trust of Childlike Faith. This spell has resulted in more avoided problems for the magi in all my sagas than any other spell. Basically because players (and their magi) can mess things to levels never seen before if they try to come up with an elaborate discourse :mrgreen: Avoiding problems is way better than solving them.


Evil Eye (Gen ReVi, Base Effect, +3 Sight, +1 Diameter), the sight-based version of Intangible Tunnel. Functionally, it lets you learn all your spells at Touch-range, rather than sight. Would likely be built into a wand or staff as a lesser enchanted item, and explains why wizards would use such a thing.

I really like 'Push of the Gentle Wave'

The reason being that Mythic Europe features a lot of waterways (as does modern Europe, for that matter) - and being able to zip up and down them in magically propelled boats is incredibly useful.

It's one of those undervalued spells that gets overlooked and subsequently regretted.

Whispers through the Black Gate is my favourite. Followed by Intangible Tunnel and its variants.

Ring of Runes, the R:Voice (so you can affect spells from other casters), D:Ring variant of Maintaining the Demanding spell -- which then affects all spells at least two magnitudes less than its own.

Of its many uses, the one we've found the most valuable is to allow spontaneous D:Ring spells to be cast at D:Conc, effectively shaving off a magnitude. This is often the critical magnitude between a level 5 spell that can be cast spontaneouly without botch dice by a specialist, even if freshly gauntleted, in the appropriate conditions (good aura, ceremonial casting etc.), and a level 10 one that is much harder to pull off in such a way. Low level Ring spells are phenomenally useful in daily maintenance of a Covenant, and a great bargaining chip for dealing with mundanes.

I've found that the Maintain the Demanding Spell variants, with the Intangible Tunnel variants, with the Shieldbreaker variants, actually allow magi to be a spont specialist. (Rather than, say, taking the House Diende virtue/flaw.)

..well, OK - having an enchanted item that casts all those for you lets your character be a spont specialist. Having a glove-based Talisman (+5 to touch-based effects) is also useful.

Favorite spells are about cool. I like Nordic Fury from Lion and the Lilly because it is awe inspiring.

As father of two loud boys I also love Ears of a Grateful Father from Magi of Hermes, in fact I now find the lack of such a spell in other magic systems as a matter that strongly tests my suspension of disbelief.

Conjuring the Wizard's Tower.

Nothing says, "Starting a new Saga" like Conjuring the Wizard's Tower.

You would be surprised by how many problems can be solved by a trusty multicast Pilium of Fire.

… Except maybe "we don't have enough fizz for that"