Your feature presentation will begin shortly...

A couple of notes on formatting.

All thread titles (or almost all) will have the title, followed by the year point season in parentheses. For example, "Man In the Mirror (1223.4)". The seasons are Spring (x.1), Summer (x.2), Autumn/Fall (x.3), and Winter (x.4). I will try to come up with clever titles for each thread, but I might not always succeed.

There will also be "catch-all" threads for each cycle, the time between Tribunal meetings. 1221-1227, 1227-1235, and so on. These will be for character interactions or side plots that may not warrant their own thread (at least, not in the beginning); if a side-plot takes on a life of its own, I might split it off into its own thread, just to make it easier to tack.

Keep in mind that anyone can start threads, and I welcome player-run stories. I only ask that you pm me first and give me a synopsis, so that I can try to fit it into the Big Picture (or make suggestions to make it fit better).

In each multi-year cycle, I will try to have multiple stories going on. They won't necessarily be simultaneous, as in happening in the same season (or even year). Ideally, I will have a story for each magus and companion going on; at the very least, a story for every player. This serves to (hopefully) keep everyone engaged in the saga without losing interest because their character(s) have nothing to do for months on end, real-time; it also cuts down on the unrealistic "nothing happens for five years, and then, kawhammo! Everything hits the fan at once."

I'll set up a preludes thread, for anything anyone wants to do or any correspondence before the magi get together, shortly. And the actual "First meeting" type thread before too much longer.

Oh, one more thing. My personal preference (as a player and gm) for speech text is that your magus and companion has a colored text that contrasts with the page and with the other text. Boudicca, for example, will be [color=red]speaking in red, while Eilid will be [color=brown]speaking in brown (unless a better color occurs to me). Note that this is my preference, since it makes the dialogue stand out a little bit, and not a requirement.