Your Longest Running Saga?

I'm curious about campaign longevity. For campaigns that started in 1220 and which were played in detail (i.e., every season was resolved / time wasn't skipped forward), how far did you get in the timeline in your longest running saga?

If you've got a special snowflake saga, sound off in the replies! I also love hearing stories!

  • 1220
  • 1221
  • 1222
  • 1223
  • 1224
  • 1225
  • 1226
  • 1227
  • 1228
  • 1230
  • 1231
  • 1232
  • 1233
  • 1234
  • 1235
  • 1236-1240
  • 1240-1250
  • 1251-1300
  • 1300-1350
  • 1351+

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My longest running saga started in 1160, we had adventures every few years up until 1190 and then went to a more normal pace and finished around 1230, so 70 years of game time. At that point my magus didn't feel like an archmagi but did have a huge amount of xp in arts.

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Currently playing 1257 I believe. :slight_smile:

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There should be an asterisk by my current score of 1245. Though I do not think that "Downtime" set aside for lab and study should count as "Skipped time", there have been some minor Skips that have been retconned as Downtime.
And the timeline was reset. The original saga was a mix of ArM4 with source material from ArM3, and the saga ran from 1197 to about 1250. I reinvented the saga for ArM5, resetting 1250 to 1220 and pushing the history of previous events about 30 years back (those elements that I kept anyway).
There have been long breaks in real time, but there were no skips of more than a few game years when things resumed.
I should mention that most of the saga has been Play by Post here on these forums, and it can take up to a year in real time to play out a seasonal story sometimes.

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Hmm, my first and longest running saga is still ongoing, so I’m not sure I could accurately vote on the poll. We started at the standard 1220 and the current year is.. 1286?

We’re almost certain to break 1300; and, considering the continuing goals that are always born, it’s unlikely we’ll stop.

Being a saga with one player + ST, it’s much easier to move through the years at a reasonable pace.

I’m not sure I’d be able to change my vote once it became inaccurate, so hmm.

I think my longest running saga was the 2nd saga I played, back in 4th ed. It ran for 30 game-years, and years in real-time later my character was converted to 5th ed and set into a new saga in a new tribunal, where we playes only a few years before imploding.

My first saga, also 4th ed, ran 20 years I think. Same goes for my current 5th ed saga.

FWIW I think sagas (my sagas at least) end because of real world events not in-game stuff. People move, lose interest, don't have time etc.
But sagas are as different as the people playing them, with different oppinions of reasonable resources and power levels. Where some people end the saga because of power creep others rejoice in doing epic stuff.

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The current saga is hitting 20 years next session though. Which, looking back, appears to be the point where we need to worry.

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Yes, statistically this is where things may go wrong. And we do have some logistical problems. As things are, the right thing is to take in that new player and just accept that we may be missing 1 player, or even 2, from time to time. Luckily ArM is forgiving concerning these things, what with the flow of time and multiple characters.

Initially I thought this was a reference to Curse of the Rhine Gorge - but that's not until 77 years after the founding (but is it date of official founding, or initial settlement?)

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My first game started out in 1202 and ended up finishing up around 1225, thought it doesnt seem like a terribly long time as you can itself lasted about 3-4ish years with regular play.

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In in year games, my first saga. A failed project of a covenant in the Isle of Man where we basically tried the game and after seeing what the intended tone was, we basically restarted after a big catastrophe everyone thought was too big to the characters to handle. Everyone decided to start fresh and new to make characters better (not only in gameplay terms, but also for the setting), and I liked the idea, since I chose the Rhine Tribunal, a setting I love and with lots of information. That is our current saga, and we are near the two real world years of playing, but only 2 years have passed.

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I got a group together recently and we're still in our first ongoing saga. We're just doing a covenant in the Provencal Tribunal starting in 1220. One character, a strongly fae-blooded Merinita, plans to live through the onset of the Black Death. We've just been doing adventures roughly every 1-2 seasons, so we're coming up on the autumn of 1223 now with only more plans about things going into the future.


We generally plan the rough game length of a saga -- years, decades or centuries -- and we almost invariably start longer sagas earlier than 1220, sometimes significantly earlier. So the longest running saga we started in 1220 lasted only into the 1250s. But we are running a saga that started in the mid 12th century that has now advanced over a century... and many, many years ago we had a 3rd edition saga that started in 914 and was still running 4 game centuries later!

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