Your Spells

Is anyone willing to let me add his spells to the spells wiki? (You are of course invited to do it yourself, too, but if you'd like I'd be happy to do it for you.)

I've just finished updating it with Badger101's prolific contributions, which brings the current amount of spells to 230 by my count.

Specifically, I've run into the following in only Badger101's threads:


Have fun. You can ofcouse use them in any way that profits the community.


It has only been the combined efforts of busyness and lazyness that have prevented me from posting my spells to the wiki already.

That's nothing. It has only been the combined weight of buisyness and lazyness that has prevented me from posting other people's spells to the wiki already. I'm lazier, I win. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

231 :smiley: (standard of the borrowed sun)

Nice one Yair :slight_smile: The wiki site is turning into a really useful resource!


And we have you to thank for it. :slight_smile: