Zeno the Spear - Goldshirt Grog

Characteristics: Int -2, Per 0, Str +1, Sta +1, Pre -1, Com 0, Dex +2 Qik +3
Age: 22

Virtues: Covenfolk (free), Affinity w/Thrown Weapon, Puissant Thrown Weapon, Warrior
Flaws: Busybody, Motion Sickness, Poor Student

Area Lore: Cambunian Mountains (geography) 2
Animal Handling (sheep) 2
Athletics (running) 3
Awareness (keeping watch) 2
Brawl (knife) 3
Carouse (games of chance) 2
Charm (being witty) 1
Chirurgy (binding wounds) 1
Folk Ken (peasants) 1
Hunt (tracking) 4
Language: Romaic Greek (shepherds) 5
Stealth (natural areas) 1
Survival (mountains) 2
Single Weapon (short spear) 4
Thrown Weapon (javelin) 7+2
Equipment: Leather scale half armor, javelins (2), round shield, throwing knifes. (Total Load 7, Encumbrance 2)

Short Spear: Init +5, Atk +9, Def +8 (+10 with shield), Dam +6
Javelin: Init +3, Atk +14, Def +13, Dam +6
Fist: Init +3, Atk +5, Def +6, Dam +1
Knife: Init +3, Atk +7, Def +7, Dam +3
Throwing Knife: Init +3, Atk +12, Def +12, Dam +3
Soak: Init +1 (+4 with armor)
Background: Born in the Cambunian Mountains, Zeno was unsatisfied with the quiet life of a shepherd and dreamt of adventure. So he practiced with pointed sticks and stones, gaining great skill in throwing them at imaginary enemies -- or wolves looking to prey on his family's sheep. As soon as he was old enough, he joined the army of Boniface of Montferrat. He liked it well enough, being skilled as a scout, until the day that his unit was routed in the capture of Larissa by the armies of Epiros. He found his best friend gravely wounded, his right arm mangled, and carried him away from the battle. At his friend's request, Zeno carried him all the way to the sanctuary of Asklepios in Morea, seeking the assistance of the famed healers living there. Although his friend survived, he still lost his arm and chose to remain at the sanctuary. Zeno, for his part, decided to accept a position as the guard of one of the wise men who was visiting the sanctuary. He's been working as a man-at-arm and guard for magi ever since.

Personality: Zeno is an easygoing young man who likes to seek out the ordinary people who live everywhere, encouraging them to share their thoughts and troubles with him. He presents himself as just another ordinary man, not too bright nor pretty. He is sometimes impulsive, but for the most part he doesn't cause trouble.

looks good

If one of the other magi want to integrate him into his background, that would be nice. He doesn't need to be an assigned shield grog, bit he can do a decent job at it.

Does he throw his spear halfway to the target, then halfway again, then halfway again, etc.?

I'm pretty sure that's a joke, but I don't get it. :blush:

Sorry, it's a reference to Zeno's paradoxes.


Ah, yes. I didn't know the name was linked to this paradox. Cool.

There ought to be some interesting magic tied to that paradox, since it took until the middle part of the 17th century to get mathematics that copes with it.

I missed the fact this was a redshirt instead of a goldshirt- unless someone else claims him the question is whether to make him part of Gabriel's current group... I'm thinking not since his skills are not that complementary..moving to redshirt thread.

Actually, that's a mistake from me -- he's a goldshirt. Getting confused with later series of Star Trek, where redshirts were command staff. :laughing:

silveroak, can you change the topic from Sticky to Standard? No reason to keep it at the top anymore.

Seasonal advancement for 1222:

  • Spring: Covenant duties (2 xp of exposure in Awareness)
  • Summer: Exploring Patras (5 xp of Practice for Area Lore: Patras)
  • Fall: Covenant duties (2 xp of exposure in Thrown Weapons) -- in the form of training others in Thrown Weapons
  • Winter: Getting trained in Single Weapon by Gabriel (9 xp in Single Weapon)

Waiting for 1222 to end before applying the xp to his stats.